Residents’ Rights Bingo

Residents’ Rights Bingo

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Susan 26th Jan 2022 Activity Director
Hi Stephanie
The way I played the game was to use regular bingo cards and have the resident say a right after someone gets a regular bingo
A Person who says a right that has not been said before gets a prize
They can only get one prize per game and they cannot repeat a right that has been said
Of course you can modify how you give out prizes

Before I start the game we go over the resident rights
As I said if you want buy a game with cards that say the rights on the cards can buy them here
If you want to make your own follow these instructions
I guess it depends on how often you want to use the cards
I used regular bingo cards beCause we didn’t play that often
Every situation and every facility is different
Stephanie 25th Jan 2022 Activity Director
I guess I don't understand how the Rights go with the bingo game? Are there cards with Rights printed on them?
Susan 28th Sep 2017 Activity Director
For my game, I use regular cards
For this game costing 95.00, cards are included
Kathryn 27th Sep 2017 Activity Director
are there bingo cards to go with this game?