Activities for the Baby Boomer Generation

Activities for the Baby Boomer Generation

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The Baby Boomer generation is the wealthiest, fittest, most outspoken and independent generation of all time.

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Solange 30th Mar 2015 Diversional Therapist
Thank you Joanne.
Joanne 29th Mar 2015 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
Love that we are now acknowledging the baby boomers. We are starting to see younger onset dementia residents coming into various facilities and to have on hand activities that are for their generation is a bonus. We are constantly needing to change our current activities to cater for the baby boomers as has been previously mentioned, most activities cater for the 75 to 90 yr old age bracket. Thanks Solange for giving us food for thought.
Jennifer 28th Mar 2015 Lifestyle co-ordinator
the clients I am looking after have early on set dementia and many with alcoholic related dementia, post traumatic stress disorder, vets from Vietnam, physically very fit, really have to think outside the box as nearly all men. I have them using power tools, going to industrial estates, working on restoring furniture, sanding, painting, doing wall art using building pallets, nails and wool, working on motorized scooter to ride out the track in the backyard, baking bread, going out to local mall for chinese..... we need to allow people to take risk, they don't want to sit and knit anymore.
Tammy 25th Mar 2015 Lifestyle Manager
This is very helpful to us as we have numerous residents with Early Onset Alzheimers, and the usual music, poems and life events that our older residents enjoy, are not relevant to this younger generation. Thanks so much for all the great resources.
Crystal-Leigh 25th Mar 2015 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
My experience is a rather different one to both the aforementioned. I work in a facility where the majority of the residents would be considered baby boomers. I think that we also need to acknowledge the validity of this article when it comes to accommodating residents/clients who are experiencing early onset dementia or Wernicke's encephalopathy.
Darlene 25th Mar 2015 Activities Director
I agree with Jacqueline. In California we are noticing that people are staying in their homes longer and moving into facilities in their late 80's and even 90's. By this time they usually have more health concerns and cognitive impairment issues. It is a struggle trying to meet the various social and physical needs of the residents. Darlene
Jacqueline 24th Mar 2015 Diversional therapy team leader
Not sure we are ready for this yet I am a baby boomer and I am still working and living in my own home. most Baby boomer are not quite 70 yet so in our current society most are still working. Most of our retiement village residents are well into their 80 and 90's. I think in 10 years time we will certainly be addressing this as Diversional therapist but most of what is listed we do or have with our current residents.