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Activities Director From California, United States

About Darlene: Darlene is the activity director at the Assisted Living Facility and the Gardner House Memory Care unit.

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Darlene 25th Mar 2015 Activities Director

Activities for the Baby Boomer Generation

I agree with Jacqueline. In California we are noticing that people are staying in their homes longer and moving into facilities in their late 80's and even 90's. By this time they usually have more health concerns and cognitive impairment issues. It is a struggle trying to meet the various social and physical needs of the residents. Darlene
Darlene 19th Nov 2014 Activities Director

Christmas Baskets with recycled Doilies

Very Pretty idea.
Darlene 19th Nov 2014 Activities Director

Christmas Word Search

Great. Nice size for seniors to read.
Laura 18th Sep 2014 Activities Director

Words Ending with Ship

Great game!