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Joanne 30th Oct 2016

Posted in Read Along Books for Dementia Residents

Here is another to whet your appetite (new read along book download)
Joanne 29th Oct 2016

Posted in Melbourne Cup Horse Race Game

I have just made some noodle horses, instead of using hot glue gun I made slits to push in mane and ears, I also drew on eyes and nostrils. The idea is to get staff to 'ride' a horse around the track using the tape track as mentioned here.
Joanne 22nd Sep 2016

Posted on the Forum

Also note that if you do a Food Handling training you should be able to cook bbqs etc. In hindsight most Leisure and Lifestyle people should do this as it covers happy hours, outings etc. It also is a requirement for accreditation and food audits.
Joanne 22nd Sep 2016

Posted in Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience for Seniors

I have also borrowed at times dvds from the local library as well as books for resources. If you go to the travel agents they sometimes have brochures that they are giving away, these can be used for collages etc on the country you are 'visiting'.
Joanne 22nd Sep 2016

Posted in Wonderful cooking aromas

I have bought one of those patty cake cookers and it works a treat. The aroma of the cakes cooking tantalises everyone. I use this in the dementia wing and have the residents assist by icing the cakes when they are cooked...and of course sampling them is a must. They then have what is left for afternoon tea.
I have also done this with pancakes cooked on a griddle. I cheated with this one and bought a couple of those pancake mixes that you add water and exercise session as well as cooking.
The breadmaker will be the next adventure.
Joanne 22nd Sep 2016

Posted in Read Along Books for Dementia Residents

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Read Along books for dementia residents
Joanne 31st May 2016

Posted in Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

Definitely going to make some of these this weekend...thanks
Joanne 8th Apr 2016

Posted in Sensory Stimulation for Dementia Care

You can get small bubble wands from Reject shop that have bubbles that don't burst so the residents can hold them in their hand.
Joanne 25th Mar 2016

Posted in Air Swimming Fish

These are quite large and can be purchased from ebay, come from China
Joanne 25th Mar 2016

Posted in Mulitcultural Songs

Of course I forgot the most important one...Brazil - I Go To Rio