Leapin' Frogs

Leapin' Frogs

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Maurice 29th Jan 2014
Hi Heather,

Great question! Bunnings is a hardware superstore in Australia. They sell everything from nuts and bolts, to doors, to plants, etc. It's so prolific here that people usually refer to bunnings when talking about buying anything you need to make / build.
heather 29th Jan 2014 DIVERSIONAL THERAPIST
Sorry for question. I have noticed you use the word bunnings a few times. I am not from aus. Could you tell me what bunnings is please? Ta
Jean 25th Aug 2013 Recreational Activities Officer
I made this for our residents and they love it. I made te mat out of non slip matting from bunnings. The lily pads are made from felt and a kind staff member sewed us some frogs which i filled with rice and put googly eyes on them. Chair bound residents love it and when we play it always attracts lots of attention. Thanks for sharing the idea, Jean.
Solange 20th Aug 2013 Diversional Therapist
Thanks for sharing! The 'Leaping Frogs' must be lots of fun.
Julie 19th Aug 2013 Lifestyle Co/Ordinator
what a great idea am going to make up a set in craft
Heather 11th Jan 2013
Was excited to receive our leapin Frogs and lilly pond from one of our wonderful volunteers made it for us from the instruction I gave from your post, thanks for sharing this. We played the game today and our high care residents had fun, it was nice to hear laughter in the home from all. Our staff joined in as well making this a very successful activity. Thanks Heather
talita 9th Nov 2012
You've done a wonderful job with this game, great idea!