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Maurice 24th Aug 2021

Book Titles Word Search

Hi Lisa!

There are two ways you can do this.

1. The first is the method we use for adding PDF activities to our Newsletter Templates. We take a screenshot of the PDF, and then paste it into the document. Here is how to take a screenshot:

Windows = Windows Key + Shift + S
Mac = Command + Shift + 4

2. You can also import PDFs into Word, which essentially does the above step for you, it converts the PDF into an image so you can use it within Word. Follow these steps in Word:

Insert > Object > Adobe Acrobat Document > Select PDF

I hope that helps! :)
Maurice 21st Aug 2021

15 Snippets of Filipino Trivia

Hi Kaimraj! Not yet but we'll see what we can do :)
Maurice 1st Aug 2021

Newsletter Template - August 2021

Hi Michelle!

No problems happy to help :)

These are Microsoft Word templates, there is a multi-page and single-page version. If you want to shorten the mutli-page document you simply can highlight the content and remove it as needed.

Let me know how you go!
Maurice 20th Jun 2021


Hi everyone!

Here are a few ways you can incorporate calendars into Publisher:

1. Convert to JPG and insert into Publisher

- One solution is to download and use the Golden Carers Calendars as normal. When you're done, convert them to JPG.
- You can do this by taking a screenshot, or using for Word, and for PDFs
- Then, in Publisher, click Insert > Pictures, or drag it in
- I've attached a screenshot showing a working example of this

2. Use Built-In Publisher Calendars

- Another solution is to use the built-in calendars within Publisher
- To use these, click "Insert", then "Calendars", and select one that suits your needs
- You can also click "More Calendars" to specify what month you want to use

I hope that helps! :)

Maurice 17th Jun 2021

International Flag Decorations

Hi Kaimraj! We are working on them and should have them done next week :)
Maurice 5th May 2021

Armchair Travel to Mexico

Hi Raffaela!

There are a few ways you could do this:

1. I've created a YouTube playlist with all the YouTube links below, using this link you could easily and quickly access any of the clips with a laptop plugged into a TV/Projector.

2. If you the clips on a USB and you don't have internet connection, then the only way I'm aware of doing this would be to download those videos to be played offline. I'm not sure what is allowed, but if you search "download youtube video" in Google you'll find a few places that do it.

I hope that helps!
Maurice 4th May 2021

Create Your Own Slideshow!

Hi Kerrily!

Thanks for the feedback. Have you had a chance to test out one of the slideshows yourself yet?

The font is quite large, especially when considering that the group event is usually done on a larger screen, like a TV or projector.

That being said we will see what we can do here, and image quizzes are already being worked on behind the scenes :)
Maurice 1st May 2021

Biological Diversity Poster #3

Hi Teresa!

Yes - you can now print any activities in several paper sizes :)

11 x 17 is called Tabloid. Directly above the "Download & Print" button is a new paper size bar, just click the size you want before clicking the button.

Let me know how you go!
Maurice 26th Apr 2021

What Am I Quiz #1

Hi Linda!

Thank you for the feedback - we've got lots more in store this year :)

All you need to do is open the Play Quiz game you'd like to use on the Zoom call, you can either save that link for the call, or save the Actiivty so you can find it when you're on the call.

To use it - you just share you screen while on the zoom call.

Hope that helps - let me know how it goes!

Maurice 3rd Apr 2021

Guess the Classic Car Quiz

Hi Linda!

We are working on an exciting new way to handle Image Quizzes.

However - in the meantime, I've converted this PDF into a Word Document and PowerPoint so you can use it :)