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From QLD, Australia

About Maurice: I work for Golden Carers and I do all sorts of things. From design and server maintenance, to marketing and support. If you've ever emailed Golden Carers you've probably spoken to me at some point :).


Maurice 19th Apr 2019


Hey Robin!

We are actually in the process of adding a "Download as Word Document" option to the Monthly Calendars on Toolkit.

We're really excited as this will give every member of Golden Carers the ability to use a professional calendar management system, combined with the ability to download and edit the calendar anyway they like, adding photos, text boxes, using custom fonts, adding their own headings, etc!

The current Toolkit download is in a PDF format, which isn't very easy to edit or make changes to unless you have special software and know what you're doing. That's why you're not able to change the heading right now, but that should change soon!
Maurice 28th Mar 2019

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Sharon!

We will be updating this soon so the days are a little transparent, then you can see more of the background image :)
Maurice 28th Mar 2019

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Susan!

There isn't weekly option yet for the Golden Carers printable calendars, but we do provide weekly calendars if you use Toolkit:

Toolkit is a professional online system for managing clients, attendance, and activities. If you have an active Golden Carers membership there is a free plan available if all you need to manage are activites:

Hope that helps!
Maurice 26th Mar 2019


Hi Tiffany!

Golden Carers actually have two amazing ways you can manage your calendars:

1. The first one is the Golden Carers calendar printer. It lets you create word documents for any month, you can pre-fill Golden Carers calendar events, print them at different page sizes, and even include beautiful background images:

2. The second way is using Toolkit by Golden Carers. Toolkit is online software designed for activity professionals. It saves you time and eliminates paperwork by helping you schedule activities, track attendance, and generate professional reports. We've just released a Free plan for all existing Golden Carers members:
Maurice 18th Mar 2019

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Susan!

We don't have a Weekly Calendar download yet for Golden Carers, but we do have a professional activity and client management system which has Daily, Weekly, and Monthly calendar downloads called Golden Care Tools:

Hope that helps :)
Maurice 14th Feb 2019

Valentine's Day Poster #2

Hi Susan,

Did you hit the download button? It may take a few seconds, but it should then load the following page, which will let you print the poster:
Maurice 3rd Feb 2019

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Sandra!

If you print blank calendars they will always fit onto 1 page. As you start adding events, activities, and daily schedules, they will start to expand and will eventually break onto a new page.

You can prevent extra pages by either reducing font sizes, or increasing page size like A3.

Hope that helps!
Maurice 3rd Feb 2019

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Theresa!

The calendar automatically breaks onto a new page if there is too much content to display it all on one. Some solutions:

1. If you delete some of the events from March 1st and 21st (which have 5 activities each!) it will then automatically collapse onto 1 page

2. If you can print on an A3 printer then you'll have much more room available and it will print on 1 page

3. You can drop the font size down to 8pt, which will then give you enough space for 1 page

4. You can remove the automatic Golden Carers events, and the blank calendar ready for your own activities will fit onto 1 page

I hope that helps! :)
Maurice 15th Jan 2019

Aussie Bingo

Hi Rachael!

These can be printed on A3 - you just make sure to set your paper size to A3, and then "Scale" or "Fit" the image to the paper. That way it will make it much larger for hard of sight clients.
Maurice 8th Jan 2019

Uluru Word Search

Hey Maria!

When printing there should be an option to "Fit to Page", that should make sure no content is ever cut off. Try that and see how you go :)