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From QLD, Australia

About Maurice: I work for Golden Carers and I do all sorts of things. From design and server maintenance, to marketing and support. If you've ever emailed Golden Carers you've probably spoken to me at some point :).


Maurice 1st Sep 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Suzanne!

That is strange - I can't see any calendar downloads on your account recently, could you have used another computer or not have been logged in when trying to do this?

The backgrounds only work if you're a member, otherwise it will use a white background. Please double check and try again, then let me know! Thanks :)
Maurice 19th Aug 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Jennifer!

The daily schedule has now been adding back with a few adjustments, including more options for how many rows to add. :)
Maurice 19th Aug 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Sandra!

For a blank calendar, just set the option "Events & Icons" to "Hide", and also make sure to use the "Plain" theme. That should give you an emapy white calendar to work from!
Maurice 17th Aug 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Whoops sorry Lyn, all fixed, my fault :)

Glad to hear it's been working well over the last year for you!
Maurice 17th Aug 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Hanh!

Portrait/Landscape mode is back, we were making some changes and this now also works with the PDF version :)
Maurice 13th Aug 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Mary-anne, Cindy,

The "Weekends" option has been added back, it also now works with the PDF version. :)
Maurice 4th Aug 2020


Thank you Gwyneth!

I've just updated the Submit Activity page with the following instructions:

[Enter] = Paragraph
[Ctrl] + [Enter] = New Line

This is actually the same way you break onto a new paragraph or new line in Microsoft Word, it's one of those 'quirks' of computers.

Let me know how you go, hope that helps!

Maurice 2nd Aug 2020

This Day In History For Seniors: August

Hi Jo!

I tried the B&W version and it was working, did you have trouble? Can you try again and let me know what happens if it's still not working for you?
Maurice 2nd Aug 2020


Hi Gwyneth!

What were you having trouble with? Is it the Forum, or a specific activity? Or maybe within an activity download.

Thanks, talk soon!
Maurice 31st Jul 2020


Hi Gail!

Thanks for getting in touch. To try and make our templates accessible to a broad audience we chose Word instead of Publisher, less and less people seem to have access to the software, however I am aware of some of the advantages to using Publisher.

I'm curious - what were your main reasons for using Publisher over Word? We designed our templates to be simple to use, similar in a way to what you'd be used to.

Thanks Gail, talk soon!