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Maurice 16th Feb 2021

Words in Words Game 7

Hey Linda!

We're working on a little release video for our new quiz system, including the slideshow. The new slideshow was designed for use on Tvs, Laptops, Projectors, and of course within Zoom and Skype meetings.

All you need to do is click the Slideshow link, copy that link, make sure you're logged into Golden Carers, and then you can start the quiz.

We will have an official update soon, we're just finishing a few behind the scenes tasks off first :)
Maurice 10th Feb 2021

Valentine's Day Poster #2

Sorry everyone, all fixed!
Maurice 8th Feb 2021

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Kerry-ann,

Currently calendars can start on Saturday, Sunday, or monday. This seems to be the most common start-date in almost all countries.

It might be something we can add in the future - may I ask the purpose of starting a calendar mid-week like a Thursday? I'd be interested to understand what this is used for.

Thanks! :)
Maurice 3rd Feb 2021

Create Your Own Quiz!

Hi Robert!

We have some really unique features that will be added to this Quiz Builder this month. It will be much more than anything you can do in Word :)
Maurice 25th Jan 2021

Mardi Gras Word Search

Hey there!

Most printers have an option, "Scale: To Printable Area". If you're having trouble with any content being cut off that will generally fix it.

Let me know how you go :)
Maurice 22nd Jan 2021


Hi Shellli!

Thank you so much for sending that photo - that helps us a lot.

Since you are using the PDF Calendar - these are very rigid and don't allow for a lot of modification. I highly suggest using the Word Calendar if possible - as you would be able to simply click and drag the table to make it larger

We will do our best to include a patch to detect and fix this issue in the future in an upcoming update to our printable calendars.

Thanks again! :)
Maurice 19th Jan 2021

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Amy!

Oops sorry about that - we've just fixed the date so it now shows in February 5th :)

Just so you know, you can always click and drag both the icons, and the dates, and move them whereever you like, or remove them entirely if you don't want any specific ones.

Attached is an exxample of what I mean.

Let me know if there's anything else we can do :)
Maurice 31st Dec 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Sandra!

Were you using the PDF or a word document version?

If it was the Word Doc version - it will probably be in our computers downloads folder.

If you were using the PDF version, do you know if you made changes in your web browser, or did you use a PDF program? We have an alert message when you select "PDF" that says

"Important: Use Adobe PDF Reader to edit your PDF."

I hope that helps!
Maurice 23rd Dec 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Thank you Christina, and good call! We've just added some New Years backgrounds :)
Maurice 22nd Dec 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Natalie!

The backgrounds not stretching was fixed the day after we launched the new backgrounds. All paper sizes should now be working much better than they were in the past :)