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From QLD, Australia

About Maurice: I work for Golden Carers and I do all sorts of things. From design and server maintenance, to marketing and support. If you've ever emailed Golden Carers you've probably spoken to me at some point :).


Maurice 2nd Jul 2020


Hi Heidi,

That's great to hear! :)

1. Go to the Monthly Calendars page, here is the link:

2. Click the blue button "+ Add Activity"in the top left of the screen

3. Enter an activity name, date, and time

4. Next, click "Repeats", and change it from "Never" to whatever repeating option you'd like:

- Daily
- Weekly
- Fortnightly
- Monthly
- Annually

5. You can optionally set an "Ends on" date if you like

And that's it! There are other options, like assigning it to a client, or a staff member, but this is the best way to get started.

Non-Repeating activities can be edited by clicking on them, Repeating Activites can be updated by click the "Options" button on the calendar screen, and then click "Repeating Activities".

I can highly recommend watching the Quick Start video a few times if you're struggling:

The video is a little out of date, we will be updating it soon once we release some new features.

Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help!
Maurice 2nd Jul 2020

Newsletter Template - August 2020

Hi Yolanda!

That's so lovely, glad to hear it :)

The easiest way to delete a page in Microsoft Word is to

1. Download the file from Golden Carers
2. Open the document
3. If you can't edit the text, click "Edit Template" at the top of the screen
4. Now, find the page/content you want to delete
5. Click and drop the content with your mouse to highlight this content
6. Press Delete on your keyboard

That should be it! Let me know how you go.
Maurice 1st Jul 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Taylor,

We really do need to add this feature! It's been on our todo list for a while, I'll see what we can do :)

Technically this is possible to DIY with the Word Document version, however, it's a bit fiddly playing with backgrounds. I'll try to build it into this calendar system directly to make it easy!
Maurice 17th Jun 2020


Hi Christine!

Good question, we really do need to create some great templates, you're not the first to ask!

Weekly calendars are high on our list of todos. There are a few examples mentioned above, but we want to create weekly calendar downloads that are as visually nice and easy to use as our monthly calendars.

You may have seen that we now have a really nice weekly calendar view in Toolkit - it lets you visualise your upcoming calendar weekly, and schedule your activities, but we don't have a corresponding PDF/Word Doc template.

We are working on this :)
Maurice 28th May 2020

Create your own Word Search!

Hi Louise!

The easiest way would be to use the tool above, and once it's been generated, save it as a PDF.

To do this, you just print the page like you normally would when using a printer, and instead of printing it using your printer, you select "Word PDF", or "Adobe PDF", or "Save as Document".

Once you have it as a PDF file, you should be able to add it insert it into a newsletter.

I hope that helps!
Maurice 8th May 2020


Hey Nick!

Very interesting idea.

We have looked at creating a landscape version of the This Day in History templates, the problem is there's so much information packed onto 1 page that it wouldn't be a lot of fun to try and read on a TV for residents.

Powerpoints famously have very large fonts to make them legible from a distance.

Some other ideas that might help in the meantime:

- You might consider connecting a laptop to the TV, and then you can zoom into the PDF on the laptop so it looks nice a big on the TV, and then scroll to show more info as you work through it together.
- You could provide the PDFs on a tablet device for the resident to use directly. Tablets can be used in portrait mode and zoomed in quite easily with two fingers.
- You may also want to make a print out for each resident, either to use individually or to follow along as a group (or a video feed to social distance)
- Printing them on large format paper, at least A3/Tabloid printer, you could then create a space on a wall for a daily update that people can see, or in residents rooms, etc.

We are actively looking into other ways we can provide this type of content, so I"m sure you'll see some new updates this year :)

Thanks Nick, all the best!
Maurice 6th Apr 2020

Arm Chair Travel with YouTube

Hi Darla,

Whether it's legal or not I am not sure, but it is possible by Googling "Download Youtube Video". Lots of sites let you enter the link and download it directly for you, like keepvid.

Hope that helps! :)
Maurice 1st Mar 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Nichole!

That sounds strange, can you tell me what month, paper size, and font size you've selected?

Also, do you have Microsoft Word installed, or are you using another program?

The two types of calendars available are for DOCX (Word) and PDF, have you tried them both? Any change? We provide two versions so that if you don't have one of the programs you can always use the other.

If you're still having issues please send a copy of your file to [email protected] so we can take a look!

Let me know how you go.
Maurice 23rd Jan 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Linda,

Could you please try again and make sure 2020 is selected?

If you're still having issues, please email our support with a screenshot of the issue so we can see if we can re-create it:

Maurice 29th Dec 2019

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Rebekah!

There is a paper size opiton for "Tabloid", which is 11 x 17 inches, which should be the same as Ledger. Let me know how you go :)