Here is a winter-themed bingo to enjoy!

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Holly 10th Jan 2023 Recreation Coordinator
Hello Golden Carers, We love playing Bingo at our assisted Living home. Could you make your Bingo Cards with 5 pictures across and 5 down. It makes our games longer and we play using shapes. The letter z, a cross, x, etc. It's hard to do that with only 4 x 4.
Talita 11th Jan 2023
Thanks for your feedback Holly, we will certainly keep this in mind when creating new bingo games. You can change the format of the bingo games before printing to 5 x 5 however you will need to ensure there are 36+ items to run a 5x5 bingo game. Many of the bingo games on the website are submitted by other members and have less than this.

Did you know that you can edit most bingo games on here and add/edit or remove items as required?
All you need to do is click on the 'Make a Copy' button under the activity. This can be a really fun way of quickly customizing existing bingo games to suit you.

Thanks Holly!