Ideas for a Winter Reminiscing Session. Reminiscing is a simple story-telling activity where a group of people share memories.

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Sinead 9th Jan 2020 Social Care Co-ordinator
Doing a winter activity- leaf collages.
Talita 13th Jan 2020
What a lovely picture! Thanks for sharing Sinead!
Diane 2nd Jan 2017 Activity Co Ordinator
I will be trying some of these ideas out tomorrow.
Talita 9th Jan 2017
Love to hear how it went Diane!
Alexandra 15th Jul 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator
Great idea Nicola!!
Nicola 14th May 2015 Care Facilitator
You can play a you tube video of a fireplace loop on the tv so you can all have the beauty of a fireplace without the hazards!