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Alexandra 12th Jan 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator


We have a box of assorted items that we bring out as bingo prizes sometimes instead of sweets. It has things such as pairs of socks, scarves, soaps, powders, small purses, hand cream. I don't know about you but we often have people offering to donate things and we put these small things aside for this and the residents love choosing a gift for themselves for a change.

As for people on reduction diets? We do have sugar free lollies as an option (I buy them from the supermarket) but otherwise we don't worry too much about a little lollie doing much harm...
Alexandra 15th Jul 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator

Winter Reminiscing

Great idea Nicola!!
Alexandra 2nd Jan 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator


I think sensory stimulation can be used ongoing in many activities that we probably already do. For example, cooking and food tasting, pampering with essential oils, pet therapy, garden walks and outdoor activities, flower arranging, crafts and art using different textures etc.

I also use a book put out by Alzheimers Australia called "Purpose and pleasure for people living with dementia" which is an amazing resource of ideas and tips.
Alexandra 2nd Jan 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi Angela,

We have rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and a cat and each breed has their own care plan folder. I keep receipts for things, the care plan has what they can and cannot eat, I write notes when they go to the vet or something happens. They are handy. People laugh at it but I find our team actually uses them alot.
Especially if someone on the team is not familiar or comfortable with animals they refer to the folders.

I am happy to email a copy if you'd like.
Alexandra 2nd Jan 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator


To which country?
Alexandra 30th Dec 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator

Countdown to Noon!

We are having a new years day party with most of the suggestions here being used.

We are also prompting residents to write or for us to write down their wishes for the new year for themselves or their families and pinning them to our noticeboard.

We're also going to prompt a "year in review" discussion on topics of events and happenings over 2014. Focusing on the good news! We'll see how it goes!