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Care Facilitator From New South Wales, Australia

About Kathleen: Care Facilitator for Baptist Care Social Club, NSW. We are based in Willoughby in Sydney. It is a beautiful place to come instead of sitting at home lonely and bored! We have fun and are like a big family away from home.

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Nicola 16th Jun 2015 Care Facilitator

Enhancing the Senior Living Experience with Pets

I look after a day centre and would love to have my own dog, which is pet therapy approved. How would I go about getting my own dog that I can take with me to work? Can anyone suggest anywhere or somewhere that would "test" the dog to make sure I have the dog covered as well as myself in a day centre setting?
Nicola 14th May 2015 Care Facilitator

Winter Reminiscing

You can play a you tube video of a fireplace loop on the tv so you can all have the beauty of a fireplace without the hazards!
Nicola 21st Jan 2014 Care Facilitator

Sensory Stimulation with Wind Chimes

In our respite centre we have a wind chime and two bird baths in the garden. A local Noisy Minor comes down everyday and plays with the wind chime and the clients love it. The local Currawongs and Noisies come every day and have a drink and a bath and one of the clients has taken on the responsibility of keeping the baths full so everyone has benifited as well as our local fauna!