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Werris Creek 27th Oct 2014 Diversional Therapist
Alternate prizes for bingo that i use is jewlery for women. For a few dollars the local Salvo's shop will sell me more than i need. For men its often a drink. I just generally have diet drinks to be safe. Or, i go and pick them up the local paper.
We also have a "nice" coffee machine here and thats a prize. The coupon is a free coffee with me - so I than use this as an easy excuse for some good one on one time.
Rosina 26th Jan 2014 Client Liaison Manager
We have started making up fruit trays as prizes for our residents a change from chocolate or hankies etc- the trays usually go first
SANDRA 16th Dec 2013
We play this game every month, the residents get confused at the beginning of the game however as the game goes on they seem to manage it.
Heather 10th Jan 2013
thanks for this idea, I have been playing koala keno with our high care residents, I find that our cognitive impaired residents find it easier than bingo as its not so confusing with less numbers, I purchased the bingo dabbers for this game and residents find them easier to use... its a great hit... thanks for sharing. Heather.
Suzette 10th Dec 2012 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Prize ideas: Use the morning activity time to pick and make small bunches of flowers. These can be given as prizes.
Lifestyle 22nd Nov 2012 Diversional Therapist
we do a similar thing for a bingo we give them a stamp every time they win and when the card is full we give them a voucher for our shop to spend on what they like.
Joanne 21st Nov 2012 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
We also use the idea of Activity dollars that comes from Actitivities2Go magazine. This is where residents gain a 'dollar' in lieu of chocolate or chips (as some don't like them) and when they gain 10 dollars (or points) they get to choose from a huge basket of goodies....hankies, soaps, or any other items suitable from the cheaper shops. It gives them a choice of getting something for themselves or their grandchildren etc. It's very popular.
Solange 20th Nov 2012 Diversional Therapist
Prizes for Bingo and other games can be: handkerchiefs, combs and brushes, savoury biscuits, soaps (buy it in packets of 6 and gift wrap them individually), face and hand creams, chips and $1.00 lottery scratchies if your management allows.
Bluecare 19th Nov 2012 Diversional Therapy
Our residents love bingo and we play weekly. As we have a few games during the morning we are finding it difficult to come up with new ideas for prizes. At the moment we have small chocolates and fluffy toys for each game won. Does anyone have any ideas for something else to have on the prize tray. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you
Sherry 17th Aug 2021 Activities Assistant
We also do travel size lotions, toothpaste, bath and body soaps, etc.
Lifestyle 30th Oct 2012 Diversional Therapist
sounds great what do you give the person you wins who has a dietary restriction