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SANDRA 28th Jun 2014


Hello everyone,
I am organising a commonwealth games program. My first one so if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.
thanks in advance
SANDRA 26th Jun 2014


Hello everyone,
with the 2014 Commonwealth Games coming up does anyone have any ideas. I would really like to make a big thing of it any ideas for games, food decorations would be handy.
SANDRA 27th Feb 2014

Fishing Game

Perhaps this game could be used in reminiscing also, having a quesition on the back of the fish as a conversation starter.
SANDRA 4th Feb 2014

How to write a Eulogy

This is great. we have beem advised that we will been having a memorial ceremony annually for those who have left us. this will help us immensely. Thank you Solange
SANDRA 16th Dec 2013

Koala Keno

We play this game every month, the residents get confused at the beginning of the game however as the game goes on they seem to manage it.