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Suzette 2nd Feb 2016 Lifestyle Co-ordinator


The U3A have some wonderful speakers and they are free.
Suzette 13th Jan 2015 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Reading Books Made from Newspaper Clippings

Fantastic Idea!!!
Suzette 6th Jan 2014 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Fun Riddle 8

A great riddle for group work or to pop on tables for residents to do themselves.
Suzette 10th Dec 2013 Lifestyle Co-ordinator


I have found that for any activity to work there must be a purpose. The lure of money usually works. Fundraising for a trip out or away can be fun. Growing and selling vegetables, seedlings and tomato sauces is a great way to motivate and raise money. The locals will soon be dropping in to buy their tomato seedlings etc.We have found our local Lions club to be very helpful. Maybe approach your local club/s for start-up funds to get started. Good luck.
Suzette 24th Sep 2013 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Ladies Discussion Group

We call our group 'Getting to Know You'
Suzette 18th Jun 2013 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

To Robert. Our men's group took a trip to the local 'Around Again" a second hand shop connected to the local tip. Along with lots of reminiscing we purchased a wooden outdoor setting. With much sanding, oiling, beer drinking and mateship we now have a wonderful outdoor space to meet. The guys are now working on some of the facilities wooden park benches that need sanding and oiling. It takes time but that is what it is all about.
Suzette 15th Feb 2013 Lifestyle Co-ordinator


Sally as an alternative to Valentine's Day, Friendship Day works well. I have run Friendship Days for years with great success. Ideas: Make a card for a friend, pass on a good deed, give your neighbour a hug, make a phone call to a friend,let family know how much they mean, poems, jokes lots of flowers etc. We have red heart shaped bags full of Chocolate to hand out. We leave chocolate all over the facility including nurses station. Staff wear "I need a hug" signs on their backs. Great opportunity to build a sense of belonging. Always a chance for reminiscence - some times a little sad but healing also.
Suzette 18th Jan 2013 Lifestyle Co-ordinator


Thank you so much for increasing the font on the print friendly option. It is so much more print friendly. Thank You
Suzette Toepfer 15th Jan 2013 Lifestyle Co-ordinator


When i use the 'printer friendly' option the resulting form is in 11 font. This is too small to use. is there anything i can do other than copy and paste.
Suzette 10th Dec 2012 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Koala Keno

Prize ideas: Use the morning activity time to pick and make small bunches of flowers. These can be given as prizes.