Price is Right - UK Edition - 1970's vs 2022

Price is Right - UK Edition - 1970's vs 2022

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This is a UK-based activity that I have made based on the prices in the 70's compared to 2022.

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Talita 9th May 2022
Thanks so much for your feedback Ladies! Katie has done a wonderful job with this one! There is a 1960s version too:
Nicky 4th May 2022 Activities Co-ordinator
Just used this at our Befriending Social and it went down a treat! A great discussion starter and memory jogger!
thanks you
Miriam 19th Apr 2022 Day Club Manager
Thank you so much for creating a UK version! Our club members will love this :)
Teresa 14th Apr 2022 Head Of Activities
Thank you for creating a UK version :-)
Susan 13th Apr 2022 Activity Director
Hey Sherry
Here is another versions besides what Talita mentioned
Sherry 13th Apr 2022 Activities Director
Do we have a US version?
Talita 13th Apr 2022
Talita 11th Apr 2022
Thank you so much for sharing this activity KAtie!