This is such a fun game! Residents will love reminiscing about the price of groceries in a social setting.
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This is such a fun game! Residents will love reminiscing about the price of groceries in a social setting.


  • Encourage reminiscing.
  • Promote social engagement and conversation.
  • Stimulate cognitive thinking.

Preparation & Materials:

  1. Room Setup: Adorn the room with a large cardboard sign that reads "The Price Is Right". Tip: Turn this into a craft activity by having the residents create the sign a day prior.

  2. Grocery Items: Borrow common grocery items from the kitchen. Some examples include a can of beans, a packet of matches, eggs, and other everyday items.

  3. Prizes: Prepare a selection of small prizes. These could range from chocolates to combs, lotions, and talcum powders.


  • Arrange the borrowed grocery items on a central table, ensuring all participants can view them from their seating positions around the table.
  • Ask participants to guess the current price of each grocery item. One item at a time, allow them to share their guesses.
  • Facilitate a discussion after each item's price guess, prompting participants to share memories of past prices or shopping experiences.
  • Award prizes to those who guess closest to the current price of the item!

This activity sparks memories and fosters connections between participants as they share and learn about each other's past experiences. Enjoy the smiles, laughter, and stories that unfold!

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NING 19th Jan 2024
What a wonderful idea! We are going to try it with our Day Program next week.
Joby 22nd Nov 2023 Nursing Home Admin
We have done this game with our residents, they absolutely loved it. Most of our residents guessed items in lower amount so we keep saying higher, higher and when we revealed the actual price they were surprised. They wanted to play this game again, same with charade and musical ball. So much fun and everybody enjoyed it. Thank you Golden Career for giving us new ideas. Love your website. Its a great help for us.
Beverly 3rd Oct 2023 Leisure & Health Coordinator
This is a very interactive activity. prepare a cart with goodies and as everyone how much price each goods.
Susan Haladjian 11th Sep 2023
This sounds like a great idea. I will try this game to my seniors group.
ainsley 3rd Jul 2022
I think this is very GOOD
Amanda Brunnen 17th Feb 2022
Wonderful idea, it includes past and present prices!
OmmieGames 30th Jul 2021
I would love to do this activity with our residents.
chanel baker 6th Aug 2020
I will try these games with my residents seems like lots of fun
Talita 7th Aug 2020
Good luck Chanel, it is a fun game!
Marta 24th Apr 2020
Talita 25th Apr 2020
Thanks Marta!
B 26th Sep 2019
We played this game with our day program seniors. We used pictures from flyers and they “kept” the item for which they guessed the closest price. It gave us the flexibility to use more items such as a mop, some tools, a bedroom suite and “a brand new caaaaaar”!
Talita 30th Sep 2019
Sounds like a lot of fun!
Melissa 23rd Sep 2019 Activity Coordinator
Our take on this game.
Talita 30th Sep 2019
Love this Melissa - thanks for sharing!
Erin 12th Jun 2019 Site Manager
I work at a Senior Center in the U.S. I play this every few months with my clients and choose a decade from which to research prices. I use groceries, to clothing, to furniture. Each client has a sheet of paper and as I say the item, they write down a price they think it would have been. At the end of my list, I go back through and say what each item actually cost. I give a free meal ticket to the person with the most answers correct (or closest to the actual price). It has been a fun and entertaining way to spend an afternoon. I might try some of the variations listed above to switch things up the next time. Thank you!
Talita 16th Jun 2019
Thanks for your feedback Erin! Great idea to supply a piece of paper and get everyone to write down their answers.
Leeanne 13th May 2019
I presented a PRICE IS RIGHT afternoon a few weeks ago and have another planned soon.....

I had 3 different groups of 6 items -
1. grocery group - actual items
2. Miscellaneous group - empty box of a kettle, signed football, AFL team scarf etc
3. Large laminated photos of cars, boats and houses

....... I had my residents in 3 groups and then gave each group one of the "Price is Right" groups to discuss and place in order on a prepared answer sheet.......after about 20 minutes of discussion each group got a different cluster of items to place in price order. (each group had either a volunteer or staff to facilitate discussion)

After each group had listed their items for each PRICE IS RIGHT Group we discussed answers, reminisced and laughed.

During the afternoon I also had a few spot games:-
1. all residents randomly took a colour coded ticket with a price on it......with the correct price winning the item (items where small items like chocolates, biscuits and small ornament)
2. A live PRICE IS RIGHT where all residents yelled out a price for a lovely bunch of yellow roses......residents kept guessing until the actual price was called out - with the person getting the correct price taking the roses for their room.

It was a great afternoon and enjoyed by all.
Talita 20th May 2019
This sounds wonderful Leeanne! What an effort and what a great result!
Mandy 24th Jan 2019 Activities Coordinator
I played this game with my residents and I also researched the prices of the grocery items in the 1940's. We had a lot of fun guessing the cost of each item now and how much they thought it would cost in the 1940's. We spoke about food rationing and reminisced about food during the war. We had a really good morning.
Talita 27th Jan 2019
This is wonderful to hear Mandy, thank you for sharing how it went. What a great outcome!
Clare 6th May 2018 Retired
Thank you for sharing this game. We played a variation last week, I made 6 cards showing food, car, football ticket, sewing machine, at today's prices and 6 of the same items at 1947 prices ( the year I was born)! We played the music found on utube and introduced the beautiful helpers with cheers, then guessed the prices giving 2 options. Everyone enjoyed it
Talita 13th May 2018
This is a great idea!! Thanks for sharing Clare!
Jacqui 22nd Oct 2017 Therapist
Love reading all the various ways you can tweet this game.
Talita 28th Oct 2017
Yes, some great ideas have been posted!
Shazia 8th Oct 2017 Director
I have played this game on a number of occasions its sparks lots of conversation between residents for shopping to todays prices., its interesting when they compare prices they used to pay. I work mainly with dementia patients this game is great. Another activity I do is fruity Friday I take fruit in from around the world and let residents try unusal fruits this sparks lots of conversation and it is interesting for them to try fruit they have never seen before.
Talita 9th Oct 2017
I love Fruity Friday, what a fabulous idea!
Viv 19th Sep 2017
After the prices have been guessed, cover the items and ask them to list as many as they can remember.
Ligaya 27th Jul 2017 Work In An Activity Center
I shall try this Activity. Sounds fun:)
Karen 26th Mar 2017 diversional therapist
I used this idea today and was estatic to see my residents enjoy the game so much. I made a large sign that stood on table with price is right written in red, placed a red tablecloth on table then placed grocery items on table with a card in front of each item with a description written on front of card and price on inside. I then had three rows of chairs in front of table for residents. The person that guessed the correct price won a little prize. It is something that I haven't done before so the residents were very interested in what was going on. Thanks for such a great idea
KAREN BROOK 25th Feb 2017
Talita 27th Feb 2017
Sounds great Karen! Love to hear how it goes!
Diane 24th Feb 2017 Activity Co Ordinator
I played this with my residents today, it was quite an eye opener for them and myself, some of them went Some of them even managed to convert into pounds and pence. They really enjoyed it.
Talita 27th Feb 2017
wonderful to hear Diane, thanks so much for your feedback!
Robyn 25th Jun 2016 Diversional Therapist
This sounds like a great idea. I will definately try this one.
Talita 27th Jun 2016
Thanks Robyn, would love to hear how it goes!
Robyn 22nd Jul 2016
We tried The Price is Right game this week and found it to be very successful. The residents were amazed at the prices of groceries now. They are still talking about it. Thanks for this great idea.
Glenis 24th Jun 2016 Lifestyle CoOrdinator
This was well received by our residents. They all enjoyed looking through and reminiscing about the supermarket, price changes and food items . The especially enjoyed thinking about what they could cook with the items from the pantry. They have requested to have this again on a regular basis. Great Idea!
Talita 27th Jun 2016
Thanks for the feedback Glenis, this is lovely to hear!
Lumanai 20th May 2016
I have been trying this activities but from another angle. I set up Park & Save Supermarket and residents was given some amount of money (Fake) like $30.00 0r $20.00 to go shopping, the challenge is you will spend not more than what you have. It was a lot of laugh as residents made their way to the cash register to pay for their shopping and find out that they went over or stayed below. whoever managed it shopping money well will received a price. there was a lot of discussions as well. when I ask residents the names of the supermarkets on their days Three Guys was mentioned, Four square, some mentioned Woolworht and Foodtown. as their local supermarket. I will do it again cos it was successful and enjoyable and fun too. Thank you for your help GC
9th May 2015
I've been playing The Price is Right at our facility for a couple of years. I grab boxes and cans from my kitchen. I make signs with three prices and the residents guess the correct one. I also place incorrect prices in front of similarly priced items and the residents have to place them correctly. To qualify for larger prizes, the "guest" toss balled up T-shirts into a plastic tub. Whoever gets the most gets to swap their smaller prize for a larger one. Our facility has a pre-school attached and I borrowed their Plinko game, which the residents loved!
The "guests" get to choose a prize from the small box, the basket or the large box. I have residents of varying cognitive levels and they all enjoy the game! Prizes range from $1 store to higher value donated items.
Jot Pearson 12th Feb 2015
Planning on playing The Price is Right next Month with my Residents! I cant wait (excited) I also plan to give my residents that guess the correct price the price! Thats a Great Idea!
Ann Farry 11th Sep 2014
Some great ideas will try some out with service users
Julianne Staff 1st Sep 2014
Had a great day at work so much fun, we played Who Am I residents ,staff, family members played in as well, all in stitches of laughter.
Julianne 30th Aug 2014 Activities Officer
I also would like more information. Julianne
Di 26th May 2014
Wow this sounds amazing I wish I could do this with my residents. I only have four alltogether and only one that could participate. I will keep it in mind for the future. Cant wait to play
Di 13th Mar 2014
I have played this in the past. My Dementia residents were quite into wanting to fill their shopping bags and they walked around with their groceries that they had just bought from the shop.

I have for my Low Care residents a game on DVD.
Who wants to be a Millionaire. Yes the game on TV.

Mary Scott 24th Oct 2013
I have done this game, but I buy items such as shampoos and toothpastes, and some food items. But whoever guesses the closest wins the item I bought!
zewariah 14th Aug 2013 care assistant
can u please let me know about the game board
Margaret 26th Jul 2012 Activities Assistant
i managed to get a hold of the price is right board game. Im planning on doing prices from the 50's and now. Any tips?
Solange 19th Apr 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi Karen, I am glad it worked for you. I am also very successful with this game; the residents are often amazed at how dear groceries have become.
karen 19th Apr 2012 recreation assistant
What a great game. I am currently studying Lifestyle and Health and used this activity as my presentation to the class. My daughter and I had fun creating the signs and props and it was really well received by the class and teachers. To make it a little more fun, I downloaded the start of one of the episodes and played it to start things off. I will definitely recommend to my work place as i think the residents would have fun with this! Thank-you for your great ideas! Karen
Debbie 16th Oct 2011 Lifestyle & leisure Coordinator
When we played this game at our facility we added a twist. I collected eg 6 empty food packets that required cooking, pizza, pasta, frozen salmon, soup beans, porridge and frozen vegetables. Residents had to put them in order of shorts to longest cooking time. Another game we played was with empty bottles of things you might drink, coke,milk,juice,cordial and soft drink. We played by saying you only had $2 so what could you buy from the supermarket if you were thirsty. We also played pick the odd item out, eg soap, toothpaste, shampoo, toothpicks ,deodorant, shower gel. Another version was a selection of foods for a particular meal and residents had to decide which meal eg of an easy one, carton eggs, bread, cereal, juice, bacon and jam ie Breakfast. The price is right was lots of fun and those were also the comments from residents.
Solange 25th Mar 2011 Diversional Therapist
Yes Barbara, that game has always been extremely successful for me too. You may vary it sometimes by presenting items that had popular commercials such as coke "the real thing", airplane jelly, beer "I feel like a Tooheys",etc. Just ask participants if they remember the commercials,it is a good memory game.
Barbara 23rd Mar 2011 activities assisant
I played this game today. Chose grocery items from my pantry. Which gave the resident's, an insight on my life style, this activity went for 90 MINS. Not only staff participated also family members, lots of laughs. Finished with how would you use this article, explaining how I use the article. Went overtime 30 mins. GREAT activity thank you all Barb
Heather 6th Oct 2010
This game turned out interesting for our facility, we have three units high care dementia, low care dementia and hostel and all residents loved the price is right game. lots of discussion about products,packaging and price developed. The interesting things was that they competed against each other (there choice) and high care won, followed by low care dementia and then hostel... resident may have dementia but games like this prove they still have it.. (old saying use it or lose certainly proves true for my residents
jeannette 23rd Sep 2009 occupational therapist assistant
Prizes are a great idea ,love the large cheque ,car prize & trip for one,terrific i will be using this thanks. In our facility our residents are not allowed to use talcum powder as it is deemed unsafe.Just thought i would pass that on.
Rachel 23rd May 2009
I played this game with my residents and they absolutely loved it! They all wanted to play again.I made a huge oversized cheque as the first prize had a small toy car as the second prize and third prize was a 'Trip for one to Hawaii"!
Diana Teijaro 10th Mar 2009
I love Price is right! Another fun game that came from it, purely by accident one day we had played the game and a gentleman in our dementia unit picked up the duct tape off of the table and said asked what it was, I started to explain to him in my theatrical way, what it was and what amazing things you can do with it, another resident who rarely spoke, picked up a can of Coffee and began to do the same with it. We were all laughing and taking turns, doing comercials for the items on the table. Then the next week we played " You Can Sell Anything!" i like to find odd objects and bring them in. I keep my eyes open all of the time around the community. I even had nurses and maintenance men bring me things and everyone stops in while we play our game.
Jen Freeman 4th Oct 2008 DT
This is a great idea! I love activities that encourage thinking in a group and in a fun way as they are non-threatening to participants Great.
Yoona 2nd Jul 2008
This is a good way to reminisce, making a game and so encouraging people to remember. Great.
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