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Oh Soldier Soldier Song Reenactment

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Clare 30th Oct 2018 Retired


I use Sit to get fit as well I put the speaker in the centre of the circle so that everyone can hear the very clear instructions. The music is great and very stimulating and you can just chose the exercises you want to do for that day. I am not experienced but it is so easy to follow, anyone can do it.
Clare 4th Sep 2018 Retired


Thankyou for your suggestions! I've also got some playground songs, Oranges and Lemons, London Bridge is falling down, In and out the dusty Bluebells,123 Mother caught a flea, Row row row your boat, and some poems that were learned by heart, Tyger tyger burning bright by william Blake and If By Rudyard Kipling! Hopefully we should have some fun with these.
Clare 31st Aug 2018 Retired


I am looking for an Activity plan for a session on school days, can anyone help with any songs that were sung in Assembley in the 1950's? or any fun activities that all the group at various stages could enjoy . would reciting poems or the Times table be too infantile? I have seen the Schooldays questions on the Activities site and will try this but need some more ideas!
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I use Move it or Lose it Or available on Amazon
Clare 27th Aug 2018 Retired


There is a very good book and CD called Brain and Soul boosting for seniors by Pilgrims Friend Society which has 15 planned sessions introducing a different theme each session with the aim of relating it to the bible, God's love for them, prayer etc They look fun and I hope to give it a try.
Clare 16th Jun 2018 Retired

Which Transport is Faster

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Clare 6th May 2018 Retired

Tips for Celebrating Prince Harry’s Wedding

We are having a seated tea dance, but after the wedding, as our group does not meet the week of the wedding. We will make a card, ( I'm looking for a template) and have bunting and hopefully a cake. We may even have a special appearance of the newly weds!
Clare 6th May 2018 Retired

The Price is Right Game

Thank you for sharing this game. We played a variation last week, I made 6 cards showing food, car, football ticket, sewing machine, at today's prices and 6 of the same items at 1947 prices ( the year I was born)! We played the music found on utube and introduced the beautiful helpers with cheers, then guessed the prices giving 2 options. Everyone enjoyed it
Clare 7th Feb 2018 Retired


Funnily enough I was looking at the same U Tube clip and thought what a good idea it was for our Group but failed to find any further info. In the end I have acquired some wooden door knobs (!) and I intend to try them with simple rhythms or songs. Door knobs sound odd but they are easy to grip . I'll let you know!