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Clare 24th Feb 2023 Retired

Musical Bingo

Thankyou so much for sharing this but I have a query! I hardly dare ask it because it is probably so obvious!
I've printed off 12 of version 1, for the calling cards do I print off 1 of version 1 again?
Also what is the difference between version 1 &2 ? Sorry to be so dumb!!!
Also what is the song list for? It's very useful but I don't see what part it plays in playing Bingo.
Clare Sheard 3rd Nov 2022 Retired

A Reminiscence Game: My Story

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: A Reminiscence Game: My Story
Clare 16th May 2022 Retired

Our Armchair Travel to a Local District

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Our Day Out
Clare 21st Jan 2022 Retired

Valentine Bingo

Thankyou Sara for the Valentines Day Bingo, I'm a bit confused though, as to what to do!!! Do I print out the full pages and laminate, one per resident each game and then print out and laminate small cards sufficient to match to the different pictures? Then the 'caller' calls the names on the big set and residents try to get a line or complete set?? Sorry to have to have it spelt out!!
Clare 25th May 2020 Retired

Which Transport is Faster

I hope your residents enjoy the game.We certainly did and was an exscuse for alot of noise! I am sure it could be modified to suit the 2 metres apart rule!!
Clare 20th Nov 2019 Retired

Pot Luck Quiz 4

I love the quizzes, but would love it if you would put the answers on a separate page! Not all my group like to do the quiz so those who do try it on their own then they like me to give them the answers, they can't do this if the answers are on the same page. Thankyou for all you do!
Clare 21st Aug 2019 Retired

Poems for September

I would love to write poems with my group but afraid it may be a bit too demanding. Our group is starting back in September so I am going to read or we will read together 2 poems abbout grandchildren starting school and see if they want to try a pooem tof their own to someone special.
Clare 8th May 2019 Retired


Thankyou so much for these ideas! I do admire those of you who are working to put together activities every day. I only lead a Dementia group for about 26 Carers and their relatives once a fortnight for 2 hours, but I am always panicking at the last minute trying to get things together. Sometimes my ideas are way too ambitious! I find that I want to enjoy them as well and then the enthusiasm seems to be infectious and we do have slot of fun together, which is my aim. It is going well I think and everyone says they enjoy it. I do separate the Carers at times and arrange a talk or just a coffee break for the Carers, but many of them say they enjoy staying in the group. I find role play, singing and exercises go down particularly well and suits such a broad range of understanding.
Clare 16th Apr 2019 Retired


I want to do a reminiscence session on jobs, that group members did and about how jobs have changed The group is large and consists of carers and their relatives with Dementia and varied in understanding, so activities have to be varied!. I will bring items such as a tool box, and various hats and hopefully we will end up with appropriate songs. The laughing policeman goes down well. I am looking for other resources and game ideas to fill a 2 hour session. Any ideas?
Clare 11th Apr 2019 Retired


There is a very helpful book called 'Brain and Soul Boosting For Seniors' by the Pilgrim Friends Society, it is a spiritual programme for people with dementia or mild cognitive impairment and consts of 15 sessions with Bible stories, and associated activities and hymns. not free but worth a look