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Margaret 9th Feb 2015 Activities Assistant


I didn't think DT's were around anymore?
Certificate 4 in Leisure & Lifestyle is what you are looking for (in Victoria anyway). Im halfway through my Diploma in Leisure & Health at the moment ... to go further is to go to uni and do the DT course
Margaret 23rd Dec 2013 Activities Assistant

End of Year Message 2023

I highly recommend the volunteer idea, great way to see if you and your personality fits in with the facility.
Same happened with me, then I found my current place and I have never looked back. Sometimes I think the residents are looking after me, not the other way around!
Margaret 22nd Apr 2013 Activities Assistant


Let your residents tell you wat THEY want to cook. We are tackling a lemon merangue pie together soon :)
Margaret 11th Feb 2013 Activities Assistant

Word Lists for Group Games:

We have a great time with word games & brain teasers like this in high & low care. Once we have made up a list, we play HANGMAN on the whiteboard with that list.
Margaret 26th Jul 2012 Activities Assistant

The Price is Right Game

i managed to get a hold of the price is right board game. Im planning on doing prices from the 50's and now. Any tips?
Margaret 3rd Apr 2012 Activities Assistant


Try to find out WHY ur residents do not want to participate. That is your first challenge ... It maybe as simple as one resident doesnt want to sit next to another particular resident, maybe they cant hear/see whats being done. And find other things for them to do. They may not have been a very social person in the past.
Margaret 3rd Apr 2012 Activities Assistant


We have a group of kinder kids come and visit at our facility and they all LOVE to play bingo together.
Margaret 20th Feb 2012 Activities Assistant


Hi all. Looking for a supplier in Vic to buy the large balloons that can be untied and blown back up again. Can anyone help please?