Hi all - I'd just like to share this activity. An adaption of the ever popular game of Bingo.  I find it a great intergenerational game, also very popular with Dementia and complex Clients due to the simple visual nature of the game.

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Shelly 16th Jul 2022 Volunteer
July 17, 2022 is World Emoji Day and I was excited to check out this project for my Bingo calling tomorrow at the assisted living place where my Mom lives. But I don't really understand how to play the game. What do you do with the little balls? Also, how do you describe or call out the emoji's? Do residents understand what they're seeing?
Nacol 3rd May 2021 Activity Director
I love these ideas. We will definitely be playing the Emoji and Bunker bingo at our facility. Thanks for sharing.
Talita 10th May 2021
Thanks for your feedback Nacol!
Camilla 26th Feb 2021 Project Manager
Great idea.
Thanks for this.
Julianna 21st Sep 2020 Disability Support Worker And Dementia Carer
I'm going to use this with my disability clients. I will set up a tournament between houses!
Talita 17th Sep 2020
Wow I love this idea Rob, so creative! Thank you for sharing!