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Shelly 16th Jul 2022 Volunteer

Emoji Bingo

July 17, 2022 is World Emoji Day and I was excited to check out this project for my Bingo calling tomorrow at the assisted living place where my Mom lives. But I don't really understand how to play the game. What do you do with the little balls? Also, how do you describe or call out the emoji's? Do residents understand what they're seeing?
Shelly 5th Dec 2021 Volunteer

True or False Christmas Traditions

This True/False Christmas Traditions game would even better if the true answer were included, for a little learning experience.
Shelly 11th Oct 2021 Volunteer

Musical Bingo

Thank you for this Stephanie! After listening to all of the songs, I decided to make a modified version that replaced several melancholy or lesser known songs with upbeat alternatives (Version 2).
I also created a YouTube Music playlist at with these songs and plan to use Shuffle to let YouTube mix it up for me. Would you happen to know if Shuffle will go through the whole list before it repeats a song? Hope so.
Shelly 3rd Oct 2021 Volunteer

Sightseeing Bingo

Love this! I'm going to use this today during my volunteer Bingo calling at my mother's assisted living place. A nice addition might be a short overview of each of the places, to add some educational value/interest to the game.