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Rob 7th Jun 2019 Team leader

Client - Eco Map

Hi Pamela
Yes, the activity could be adapted to suit many needs. We are also finding it helpful, long term by referring back to the Eco-Map Clients are remembering from the pictures/drawings what they had already included on the map then adding to it, this is opening so many avenues of reminiscence.
Rob 6th Jun 2019 Team leader

Client - Eco Map

We try and encourage the Clients to do as much as possible but the Staff assist if required :)
Rob 4th Jun 2019 Team leader

Client - Eco Map

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Client - Eco Map
Rob 28th May 2019 Team leader

Guess the Catchphrase

Wonderful resource!
I always enjoy seeing what's new and sharing with the staff who work in the Centre, this enables us to stimulate and bring joy to our Clients :)

Rob Huckins
Centre Based Respite - Team Leader