Build a Word Tree - Word Association

Build a Word Tree - Word Association

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This is an Activity that has been very popular with all my Clients. It is a simple but very effective Word Association game, I call, Build a Word Tree!

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Susan 24th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Hi Lillian
Glad things went well thanks for sharing
Lilian 23rd Feb 2020 AHA
Our Friendship Group did this activity. Everyone particpated and there was much laughter and reminiscing as we gradually filled out the trunk, branches and leaves with our associated words. Thank you. This activity will be enjoyed in the futiure as well.
Susan 11th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for sharing these words Sharese
Sharese 10th Jul 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
This is a great word game, with many residents easily successfully participating. Some of the 'trunk' words we have used; travel, apple, winter, jobs, cars.
Sandra 29th Jun 2019 Activity Coordinator
Will try this out next week - looks like fun. Thank you
Susan 27th Jun 2019 Activity Director
This looks like a great idea Rob thank you
Jean 27th Jun 2019 Activities Coordinator
I,m going to try this one. Thanks Rob