Build a Word Tree - Word Association

Build a Word Tree - Word Association

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This is an Activity that has been very popular with all my Clients. It is a simple but very effective Word Association game, I call, Build a Word Tree!

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Susan 11th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for sharing these words Sharese
Sharese 10th Jul 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
This is a great word game, with many residents easily successfully participating. Some of the 'trunk' words we have used; travel, apple, winter, jobs, cars.
Sandra 29th Jun 2019 Activity Coordinator
Will try this out next week - looks like fun. Thank you
Susan 27th Jun 2019 Activity Director
This looks like a great idea Rob thank you
Jean 27th Jun 2019 Activities Provider
I,m going to try this one. Thanks Rob
Rob 18th Jun 2019 Team leader
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Build a Word Tree - Word Association