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Sharese 10th Jul 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

Build a Word Tree - Word Association

This is a great word game, with many residents easily successfully participating. Some of the 'trunk' words we have used; travel, apple, winter, jobs, cars.
Sharese 5th Nov 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator


The last two years we have created a 'Santa's cove', like a photo booth for families. We decorate a corner, or room with all things Christmas; lights, tree, presents, reindeer, angels, etc... We ask a resident or family member to play Santa, and provide a Santa suit. Families can then sit with Santa and have their family photo taken. We charge $5 for a photo. This activity grows each year and the residents look forward to this as do the families. We print off the photo's and place them in a nice decorated cardboard photo frame and give to families. This is also a good fundraiser.
Sharese 19th Sep 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator


Good morning,
Our address is; 153-177 Webster Way, Pakenham, Victoria, Melbourne, 3810
email to me; [email protected]
this will be a lovely activity for our residents.
thank you.
Sharese 11th Sep 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi there,
We are in Melbourne, Australia, and I have two ladies originally from Ireland. They may be interested in corresponding with your residents?
Sharese 15th Mar 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator

Little Leprechaun Hats

They look very effective, thank you.