When we have a new Client attend our Day Respite Centre I use the Eco Map idea as a great way to gather useful information specific to the Client. This activity is very useful for our Clients living with Dementia or have STML.

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Yvonne 3rd Sep 2020 Recreation Therapist
Hi Rob,
I just love this idea, it is person centered and focuses on really getting to know the clients we serve.. Well done.
Yvonne 18th Jun 2019 Lifestyle Assistant
Thank you for sharing Rob this is great idea
Solange 13th Jun 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Rob, this is such an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing, I hope many Activity Coordinators devise their own adaptation of it. Brilliant!
Michelle 13th Jun 2019 Diversional Therapist
love this.
Pamela 6th Jun 2019 Activity Coordinator
This is such an awesome idea! To make it inter-generational you could have the grandchildren draw the pics too! Such a great idea! I love it!!!
Rob 7th Jun 2019
Hi Pamela
Yes, the activity could be adapted to suit many needs. We are also finding it helpful, long term by referring back to the Eco-Map Clients are remembering from the pictures/drawings what they had already included on the map then adding to it, this is opening so many avenues of reminiscence.
Susan 6th Jun 2019 Activity Director
This is a very interesting idea
who draws the pictures??
Rob 6th Jun 2019
We try and encourage the Clients to do as much as possible but the Staff assist if required :)