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Julianne 1st Jan 2017 Activities Officer

Moo Mobile

Yes residents love milkshakes goes down very well at our facility, at times we can have the odd person ask for more. Wonderful Activity
Julianne 1st Jan 2017 Activities Officer

Friendship Afternoon

I like the name of this much better than, morning or afternoon tea. As residents do sit around with there friends.sounds very homely.

Julianne 10th Aug 2016 Activities Officer

Soap Making Recipe

How does this apply to work safe issue, aromatherapy & oils in nursing homes.
Julianne 9th Aug 2016 Activities Officer

Pirate Words and Phrases

Pirate Theme Day looks very interesting,I was cleaning out our cupboard and found a box of Pirate decorations. Thanks to Golden Cares I now have all the items I need to make a great theme day at work,going to bring this to my manger attention I'm sure she will be pleased with this.
Thanks again the amount of people you help is outstanding.
Julianne 9th Aug 2016 Activities Officer

Jar of Sweets Competition

Have done this many times and Residents,Staff & Visitor all enjoy this activity and so easy to do.
Julianne 9th Aug 2016 Activities Officer

International Flag Decorations

Thanks so much for these templates will use them for our colouring day.
Julianne 9th Aug 2016 Activities Officer

Olympic Rings Coloring

Thanks for these great ideas your site is the best.
I will be doing all of the games with my team members in our nursing home,I'm sure this is going to bring lots of laughter to all.
One last thing thank you for your recent help.
Julianne 27th Apr 2016 Activities Officer


Would like some more ides on theme days, I have just recently put on a BBQ with residents all siting outside & enjoying our beautiful gardens with music playing in the background. Another staff member bought some of her pets & children in all went very well. This left residents talking about this for days. Since than I have put on Hawaiian Day, ParisTrip,Mad Hatters Party next week we are of to North Africa e of our cooks would like to help me out with food being moroccan. Each theme has all the decorations and music to suite the theme.your idea of Western party and going to sound really great so I'm going to do this thank you for all the good ideas I'll let you know how I go .if anyone else has got any other ideas of theme days I would be interested to hear from you
Julianne 16th Aug 2015 Activities Officer


At our site we don't let residents make their coffee in case they burn themselfs ( workplace and healthy laws) they are all very content with this. If they did have to make it themselfs it wouldn't get used.

I will fine out the brand of our coffe machine.
Julianne 15th Aug 2015 Activities Officer


Hello, I'm looking for a template for activities for the month. Would you be able to help out as this would be helpful as I'm doing my Cert IV course and would like to make an Activities Programe up for the month.