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Shazia 13th Aug 2018 Director

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thank you for all the effort you have put in. these songs are great.
Shazia 27th Nov 2017 Director

Left & Right Game - Christmas

will try this game sounds good fun and will enable all residents to join in
Shazia 22nd Oct 2017 Director

The Money or the Bag

sounds a great idea will try it my residents love quiz thanks for sharing
Shazia 8th Oct 2017 Director

The Price is Right Game

I have played this game on a number of occasions its sparks lots of conversation between residents for shopping to todays prices., its interesting when they compare prices they used to pay. I work mainly with dementia patients this game is great. Another activity I do is fruity Friday I take fruit in from around the world and let residents try unusal fruits this sparks lots of conversation and it is interesting for them to try fruit they have never seen before.