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Debbie 13th Dec 2012 Lifestyle & leisure Coordinator

Cinderella Christmas Pantomime

Dear Solange,our facility performed this pantomine today for residents and their families for their Christmas party. We added a few of our own lines mainly because people forgot but like everyone who has done this for their residents it was constant laughter for 30mins. We had a horse that galloped away on the prince and the prince was a female staff member who came out first dressed as an old prince and somehow found the fairy godmother who changed him into a younger prince after the ball and cinderella was our maintenance man. He had a daggy dress on with a velcro back so the prince could rip it off her/him exposing him dressed in a wonder woman's costume to wear to the ball. Our fairy godmother had to use 3 wands before she found one that worked and the ugly sisters had cushions strapped to their bodies so they had a huge bubble bottom. Our narrator was dressed as a half man half woman and we used a thong as the glass slipper. Our valet pretended to speak in french so the ugly sisters looked even more confused. Our prince mimed a love song to Cinderella.I can't wait for the new pantomines to come out next year. I think we will have staff knocking our door down to be a part of it. Thank you very much.
Debbie 24th Oct 2012 Lifestyle & leisure Coordinator

Men's Group

Our residents also love balloon tennis. We use swimming noodles as bats and a balloon. We play in a circle or teams sitting opposite each other and hit the balloon over a table
Debbie 16th Oct 2011 Lifestyle & leisure Coordinator

The Price is Right Game

When we played this game at our facility we added a twist. I collected eg 6 empty food packets that required cooking, pizza, pasta, frozen salmon, soup beans, porridge and frozen vegetables. Residents had to put them in order of shorts to longest cooking time. Another game we played was with empty bottles of things you might drink, coke,milk,juice,cordial and soft drink. We played by saying you only had $2 so what could you buy from the supermarket if you were thirsty. We also played pick the odd item out, eg soap, toothpaste, shampoo, toothpicks ,deodorant, shower gel. Another version was a selection of foods for a particular meal and residents had to decide which meal eg of an easy one, carton eggs, bread, cereal, juice, bacon and jam ie Breakfast. The price is right was lots of fun and those were also the comments from residents.
Debbie 24th Jul 2011 Lifestyle & leisure Coordinator

Tabletop Olympics

My name is Debbie and I work as a lifestyle and leisure coordinator. We recently had an Olympic Day Celebration. I made an olympic torch and made flags representing each of our resident lodge names which we started with an opening ceremony. Everyone clapped while each lodge representatives carried the flag and torch. We had shot put throwing comp using small sand bags with an awards ceremony following. Then a discus comp using plastic plates followed by awards. Then a comp where everyone tried to roll a large potato into a bucket lying on the floor 3 meters away. 2 high care residents won this award. Egg and spoon race using plastic spoons and ping pong balls was lots of fun. Staff also got involved carrying a spoon in each hand and one in the mouth.