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Julianne 9th Aug 2020 diversional therapist
I have played Charades many times with my residents and they all have so much fun, staff all get involved as well.
Helen 29th Jan 2013 Diversional Therapist
We play charades using song titles and the residents really enjoy this and sometimes if they cannot remember the song then we hum or la la it. There is always lots of laughter during this game/
talita 18th Jan 2013
Thanks Debbie, this is a great idea!
debbie 13th Jan 2013 day centre coordinator
In our community group we have a range of capabilities and we also need to cater for our hostel clients with various degree of memory loss.

This is one games that you can use for all levels of cognative function.

use clip art photos and laminate the ones you choose. select various pictures that show "actions" such as knitting, jumping over a puddle, making a cup of tea. You can choose the level of difficulty for the clients by colour coding using "dots". Red for hard, Yellow for intermediate and green for easy. This way you can distribute the cards amoungst the group according to their ability. This enables a large group of clients with various cognative functions and abilities to share in the experience and interaction with each other.

We have played this a few times and everyone enjoys this game, nice to hear the laughter that some of the acting creates.
Try this one at your centre or nursing home