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Julianne 1st Dec 2019 Activities Officer

Scent Guessing

I have done this many times & it’s really amazing when they smell something it brings back lots of memories. It’s a great activity, you could try and peel peas& corn very safe. Good therapy session as many people lived on farms & grew there own veggies.Makes them feel worth while and they have helped out with the cooking.
We planted the peas & corn , water them & watched them grow & picked the veggies together, than peeled them while having group talk about the use of this veggies.We made pea & corn soup than residents had this at dinner time.
Julianne 1st Dec 2019 Activities Officer

Songs for Seniors Quiz

I’m so pleased so many other people are getting enjoyment from the song list. I have been a member of golden carers for many years & than I stoped for a while. Than I have a new position & I had no hesitation to rejoin in August this year. It’s a must for anyone to use so many ideas. Thank you very much for a wonderful site.
Julianne 1st Dec 2019 Activities Officer

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Yes thanks heaps, these song list certainly take a long time to put together. Could you send me some names of good words&lyrics songs cds. As residents always fine music very simulating, they have beautiful scenes in the background.
Julianne 17th Nov 2019 Activities Officer

Christmas in Australia Word Search

Just love love
Julianne 28th Oct 2019 Activities Officer

Cue Cards for Dementia Care

I have been using these cue cards and they are excellent.
I would like to fine sentence in other languages. Does anyone have any ideas or where I could get this
Julianne 23rd Oct 2019 Activities Officer


I’m looking for cue cards in different languages
Julianne 29th Sep 2019 Activities Officer


Hi everyone, I have been a member of Golden Cares over the years, in the past I noticed that some out there, put an old song list together I found this really good. I have now move to a different facility and would really like to get a copy of this music,as residents loved this. I’m sure it was 360 pages. All songs And words. This can put onto an USB Stick & plays for 3 hours. Has anyone heard of this.
Julianne 28th Aug 2019 Activities Officer


Hi I was going to get Residents to crochet Poppy’s for Remembrance Day. Would anyone have the patterns please.
Julianne 28th Aug 2019 Activities Officer

Newsletter Template 1

Could you please send me a copy of your newsletter, would like to get other ideas to make newsletter interesting for Residents to read.
[email protected]
Julianne 22nd Aug 2019 Activities Officer


Have a look at u tube they have some great song books with lyrics to buy.