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diversional therapist From Queensland, Australia

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Julianne 18th Oct 2022 diversional therapist

12 Ideas For a Veterans Day Ceremony

Has anyone have a Remembrance Day Program
Julianne 25th Jun 2022 diversional therapist

Find the Hidden Objects - Paris

Residents can't come out of there at the moment and this have been a good help to stop there boredom.
I'm making up Activity books of a mixture of all your activities, that I feel Residents would enjoy.
Julianne 29th May 2022 diversional therapist

Olympic Games Colouring Templates

Yes that would be great.
Julianne 28th Jul 2021 diversional therapist

Olympic Games Colouring Templates

Would like to get some ides for arts and crafts and colouring for Daffodils Day
Julianne 20th Feb 2021 diversional therapist

Card Bingo

This called Hoy Residents enjoy this game.
Julianne 9th Aug 2020 diversional therapist


I have played Charades many times with my residents and they all have so much fun, staff all get involved as well.
Julianne 9th Aug 2020 diversional therapist


I’m looking for quality improvements forms.
Julianne 23rd Mar 2020 diversional therapist


I’m am making up booklets of quizzes, short stories, colouring in, word search games & other items of interest to certain residents.
Taking a library trolley around to Residents rooms.
Lending DVD & CD to Residents to watch or listen to in there room.
Writing letters to friends overseas, family & friends with a picture of Resident inside.
Doing exercises in Residents rooms 1-1, I have found that this is all working & keeping everyone happy.
I took a video of a husband & wife on there I phone, this was very special. As asked them question about there life together, all smiles and laughter.Extremely precious moment residents wife was thrilled to bits.
Good luck everyone during this hard time.

Julianne 11th Mar 2020 diversional therapist

NRL Tipping 2024

Has everything you need, fabulous.
Julianne 1st Dec 2019 diversional therapist

Scent Guessing

I have done this many times & it’s really amazing when they smell something it brings back lots of memories. It’s a great activity, you could try and peel peas& corn very safe. Good therapy session as many people lived on farms & grew there own veggies.Makes them feel worth while and they have helped out with the cooking.
We planted the peas & corn , water them & watched them grow & picked the veggies together, than peeled them while having group talk about the use of this veggies.We made pea & corn soup than residents had this at dinner time.