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debbie 5th Jul 2017 day centre coordinator


The Mangos( play on words The Man Goes)
debbie 22nd Jan 2016 day centre coordinator

Chinese Zodiac Memory Game

thank you for this.....have printed off 3 sets to use for our Chinese New Year theme
debbie 5th Jan 2016 day centre coordinator


Hi Melissa,

golden carers has an extensive list for Anzac Day along with making poppies, ceremony speeches etc that you can adapt to suit your needs...have a look you will find something here for sure.
debbie 15th Aug 2015 day centre coordinator


I am interested in putting in a sensory activity that involves blocks of scents that are heat in a warmer. The company is "Scentsy" and you can buy the warmer and scents what are non toxic, and the wax is cool to the touch.

Can any one tell me if they are able to use this type of activity at their centre? I am reluctant to call it Aromatherapy due to the qualifications needed.
How do other facilities get around this .

I look forward to peoples comments.

Cheers Debbie.
debbie 4th Aug 2015 day centre coordinator

Sweetheart Tree

love this idea. I have purchased one from e bay to use. I think this would be great to share for those clients who are bed bound and use this as a theme for discussion and move it around to each person, changing the theme to their specific interests. Leave it in their rooms for a week in turn.
stimulate senses and aid one on one visits.

debbie 7th Jul 2015 day centre coordinator


Hi ,

I have an idea that works at our centre. Photographic back drops are available on ebay. They are large prints that are made of plastic and I have brought them for summer (beach theme), Spring ( Flowers in blossom), Autumn ( trees losing their leaves) winter ( snow). They are very large and fill a wall approx. $30.00 each. Well worth the price as they will last a life time.

Hope that helps Debbie
debbie 25th Mar 2015 day centre coordinator


yes, have a look on this web site Julie Andrews birthday song. Very funny about growing old...sing to the tune of "my favourite things'. My clients loved this, good luck

Cheers Debbie
debbie 17th Feb 2015 day centre coordinator

Funny Poems by Roald Dahl

fantastic I think these will cause a chuckle or two.

Thanks Deb
debbie 23rd Nov 2014 day centre coordinator

Aussie Themed Jingle Bells

fantastic just found this on your activity list .Will use this to sing to our clients during our Christmas get together.

thanks Deb
debbie 21st Oct 2014 day centre coordinator

Donating for World Kindness Day

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: World kindness day