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Solange 3rd Aug 2020 Diversional Therapist
Really good activity and as Kerry said, you can put it away for a few months and do it again. Thank you for sharing Gail.
Gail 28th Jul 2020 Centre Operations Manager

is a great Number plate message - can you get it? :)
Talita 2nd Aug 2020
Is it
Tennis Anyone?
debbie 25th Nov 2013 day centre coordinator
oh, that is lovely and has made my day .I have a 21 and 23 year old and they helped me with the list. I will try to compile another one for you. Thank you for the feed back.

Cheers Debbie
Kerry 24th Nov 2013 Recreational Coordinater
Hi Debbie, My residents love the Number Plate Quiz, wish it could be updated as I leave it for a couple of months & then re-do it with them, it makes them all feel that they are able to communicate with the younger generation. I have had so many comments from the residents in regards to trying this out on their grand, & great grandchildren they get so much fun from it. Great work Debbie, thank you.
talita 24th Mar 2013
Thanks Debbie!