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Kerry 2nd Apr 2020 Recreational Coordinater

Anzac Day Poem: He ain't heavy - he's my brother

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Anzac Day Poem- He ain`t heavy-he`s my brother
Kerry 27th Apr 2019 Recreational Coordinater

True or False Quiz #4

True & False Quiz is such a great idea
I have actually modified it l little & made "lamented cards" each residents has with "True" or "False" to display when question is asked & I take score of each resident.
I have found in many quiz games many residents depend on others to answer questions & the cards have made totally gives them "Independents & Confidence" of decision making & keeps them more alert
Thanks for the great idea
Kerry Towler

Kerry 16th Feb 2019 Recreational Coordinater

Aussie Bingo

Thank you for the Aussie Bingo game, much appreciated
I actually modified my sheets as many of my residents would not remember "Louie the fly" they would remember the Add but not the actual "Louie" and a few other pictures also would confuse them
I wrote underneath all pictures in (black per) as large as possible of what the actual picture is, and I feel this will help them greatly

Kerry 5th Oct 2018 Recreational Coordinater

Remembrance Day Poem

Thank you Lesley for your comment about my poem, I would love you to read it to you clients. Change the date on poem to 100 years
Kerry 11th Apr 2018 Recreational Coordinater

Cover the Number - Dice Game

Thanks Joanne, I actually had 23 residents playing this game on Tuesday, I did print out sheets & I taped them to cardboard, did not laminate them as I find markers are more secure on actual sheets.
I also purchased packs 10 dice for $2 & was able to give each resident their own plastic cup with 2 dice per cup & that made them feel as they were in control.
I called "roll" & I would just help them with their choice of number.
They loved the game.
I work in a Retirement Village but in that group that played this game I had cognitive, dementia & sight impaired & all coped well with assistance.
Thank you,
Kerry 28th Oct 2017 Recreational Coordinater

Remembrance Day Poem

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Remembrance Day Poem
Kerry 17th Apr 2017 Recreational Coordinater

A Poem for Nurses

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Kerry 19th Mar 2017 Recreational Coordinater


I run "Lucky Square" at our Retirement Village.
A 3 paper size with 30 squares so "staff, residents, family & visitors" can place name & contact in each square.
I give 2 x $20.00 prizes to winners & I bank $20.00. (Notify on whiteboard) of winners.)

Place sign explaining game, closed money box with attached pen & secure paper to small table. (Place n Foyer of facility)
I draw 2 x winners every week.

Kerry 19th Mar 2017 Recreational Coordinater


I work in Low Care & before I do Nail Care (remove & polish) I do a Lavender or Citrus Hand soak.
Individual dishes, towels for each resident , music & residents love it.
As I work on my own it is difficult to cover all, but most just enjoy a chat & nice Hand Soak.

Kerry 19th Mar 2017 Recreational Coordinater


"Hospital Art" is free in Australia they supply to all Nursing Homes, you can pick up canvas, easels, paints for no cost.
Get information off internet.
Residents feel so important painting on a canvas, sitting on a easel.