A Heartfel Poem on Love and Dementia

A Heartfel Poem on Love and Dementia

Shared By Kerry   Australia

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I would love you to share this poem that I wrote many years ago. I wrote it on behalf of a wife whose husband had dementia in the Nursing Home.
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I would love you to share this poem that I wrote many years ago. I wrote it on behalf of a wife whose husband had dementia in the Nursing Home.

Silent Thoughts

When I come to see you in the nursing home I hesitate when I arrive at the door.
You're still the same loving person to me;
It's so difficult that you cannot remember me anymore.

We shared the good and bad times all through our married life
To you and me that devotion we had
Was just part of being husband and wife.

Our children now have all grown and gone their separate ways
But the smiles we have seen on our grandchildren's faces
Will remain in our hearts to stay.

I fill your room with photos and memories from our past
And hope sometime while you're alone
These memories to you still last

I sit and talk and hold your hand and hope my feelings get through
That I am the the one you loved and married,
And I am not a stranger to you.

When staff at the Nursing home enter your room, a big smile lights up your face,
This is another change that I have had to accept
It's like your family now has been replaced.

I long for the day when I come into your room, that you could even remember my name
But I know in my heart this may not happen
And I know that you are not to blame.

When I go home alone at night I lay my head to rest
I think over the time we shared today,
And I store in my memory the best

Before I go to sleep at night I whisper a silent prayer,
I am so grateful I don't have to handle this on my own
"Thank God for Aged Care"

By Kerry Towler, Activity officer

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Mike 1st Dec 2015 Manager
Thankyou for that lovely poem, you can see all that when a family member visits someone in care.....
jennifer 22nd Apr 2014 Coordinator
beautiful Kerry
Julie 21st Apr 2014 Lifestyle Worker
So beautiful ,thank you for sharing :)
Michelle 16th Aug 2013 Volunteer & Pastoral Care
Thanks Kerry Used it for our Newsletter Lovely Poem
Christine 2nd Dec 2012 recreation therapist
I will use this in our magazine .So very true Kerry
jacinta 28th Nov 2012 leisure lifestyle officer cert iv
Thank you Kerry , we have all had thoughts along these lines ,but you managed to put it into words .
Jennie 26th Oct 2012 PCA
What a beautiful poem, how very true.
Heather 25th Oct 2012
Thank you for sharing this, I had goose bumps reading it.
dorothy 25th Oct 2012 diversional therapist
thanks kerry
Marie 22nd Oct 2012 AIN / Leisure
Thank you.
Maureen 20th Oct 2012 activities officier
A beautiful poem that my residents enjoyed
talita 17th Oct 2012
Thank you Kerry for sharing this beautiful poem!
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