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Mike 21st Aug 2016 Manager

Fun Riddle 19

Thankyou, these riddles are awesome, our residents love them.
Mike 18th Jun 2016 Manager

Summer Yarn Balls

Thankyou so much to all who contribute to this great site, so much appreciated by recreation staff and residents, it is so much fun having exciting new activities to do : )
Mike 14th Jun 2016 Manager

Recycled CD Fish Mobile

What an awesome idea, cant wait to do this, we were looking for ideas to decorate our rooms.
Mike 14th Jun 2016 Manager

Chair Yoga

Hi, we have a lady come in fortnightly and take a session on chair yoga, our residents love it, and even the ones in big chairs who cant stand do it in their chairs ,arm movements, feet and legs to their own comfort, very relaxing and our instructor is amazing, relates very well.
Mike 14th Jun 2016 Manager

Jokes to Share

Awesome jokes, look forward to hearing my residents enjoy them :)
Thankyou all.
Mike 14th Jun 2016 Manager

Fun Riddle 3

Thankyou so much, we love these riddles!
Mike 27th Apr 2016 Manager

Fun Riddle 29

Thankyou so much these riddles are a hit : )
Mike 15th Apr 2016 Manager

Messages for Mother's Day cards

love these verses ,thankyou so much
Mike 7th Apr 2016 Manager

Sun-catcher Hearts

Hi, thankyou so much, this looks like a lot of fun for all...
Mike 8th Mar 2016 Manager

Basic Salt Dough

Thankyou for the recipe, its great because it can be used for lots of activities.