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Maureen 13th Sep 2020 activities officier

Newsletter Template - October 2023

This is excellant so simple to alter for workplace and saves so much time to time poor activities personal. Well it does for me anyway

Maureen 3rd Feb 2019 activities officier

Lucky Dog Card Game

We use this as Bingo as it is very easy to set up and when finished on game we pass two cards to the right so that we are interacting with all those at the table sometimes we go to the left just to create even more interaction and sometimes chaos (not really) I have made a set of number cards to play the same way and am in the process of completing a set of word cards to be played the same way.
Maureen 19th Aug 2018 activities officier

How to host a Show Day

Hey it was a great day we also had an annoying clown with a flower that squirted water, a bubble blower and a fairy floss maker, to help with the aroma we had pop corn made just before morning tea and again before lunch it worked a treat. The flower judging was of flowers we had made for other craft days for other occassions
Maureen 14th Aug 2018 activities officier

How to host a Show Day

we are using stuffed animals for the pet parade, a craft/art competition, best decorated cake (cup cake) hot dogs, strawberry and ice cream, fishing game and roll em bobs, ring toss, poultry competition using garden ornaments.
Maureen 14th Aug 2018 activities officier

Cross-out The Odd Words #3

A great game Thank You
Maureen 19th Jul 2018 activities officier

Sort the Colours

This is a very good activity and can also be used with poker chips. The milk bottle caps are also good when you have 10caps and the tops of the bottle (just under the screw on part) glued to a board so that residents can twist the tops back on the bottles, can put a dob of colour to match each different coloured cap.
Maureen 3rd Dec 2017 activities officier

The Birth of Jesus (A Christmas Story)

As always your information is of the utmost interest to both those living with dementia and those residing in homes and villages.
Maureen 25th Aug 2017 activities officier

Coin-Tap Chair Dance

Hi folks this is a great exercise. and so much fun.
Maureen 30th Dec 2016 activities officier

Australia: Reminiscing About Life In 1915

We have had the fortune of having celebrated 3 - 100 plus celebrations and have utilized information such as the above along with on this day information from internet. Families and other visitors love to hear about what Mum/Dad are older than or what happened in the year they were born. We have printed it out for them to take and read later.
Maureen 17th Jul 2016 activities officier


Hi fellow engagement officers is there a reason that we should not use lavendah in our facilities, does it react with some medications and if so what are they. Or is it only asthma that it effects? Looking forward to any info. Maureen