The Great Australian Dunny

The Great Australian Dunny

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Susan 2nd Feb 2021 Activity Director
Thank you also Lorraine
Susan 2nd Feb 2021 Activity Director
I agree Kerry
Poetry like music is good for stimulating the brain of those with dementia
Thank you for sharing this
Kerry 1st Feb 2021 Recreational Coordinater
I would also like to add the great fun I had with residents as a group was reciting the first 3 words of a nursery rhyme & they would continue on as a team.
"Humpty Dumpty fell" & residents would continue on, I would do approximately 15 nursery
rhymes before I done a word game.
Memories are great for our elderly
Kerry Towler
Solange 2nd Feb 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kerry, that's a lovely reminiscing activity. Thanks for sharing.
Lorraine 1st Feb 2021 Diversional Therapist
I have found poetry triggers memories for some of our residents who have dementia and I am often surprised by how often some can continue to recite the whole poem without very much prompting, especially the older poems which some had learnt at school.
Kerry 27th Jan 2021 Recreational Coordinater
I feel poetry is not used enough in Aged Care: I would place on my daily program at least one poem to read before some activity.
It may not have been a significant poem for that day, but residents enjoyed it

Plus, looks good on your program
Solange 28th Jan 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kerry, I agree with you, poetry is so underrated. It provides inspiration and it is therapeutic for those who read and those who listen, as well as those who write poetry. Despite having a Poetry Reading group for elders being rather challenging, it can be done with patience and ingenuity. If you have any tips, please share them with us.

Lorraine 1st Jun 2017 Diversional Therapist
I have commenced a creative writing group. There are 4 residents who attend however they have so much fun telling stories of yesteryear. The Residents give me the job of writing their stories and putting them in verse or short stories.
With their stories I have now put together 3 beautiful reminiscence booklets filled with their memories which they each treasure. They have homework each week which consists of a word or sentence to be discussed the following week. Recently we the word was " Broom" we had such fun bring up memories of how they used the broom in so many ways.
Talita 5th Jun 2017
I love the reminiscence booklets idea and the fact that you give them a word or sentence to ponder on for the week. What a lovely activity.