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debbie 8th Feb 2014 day centre coordinator
Hi Coralie,

I have made this and stored it in the fridge in a sealed plastic bag. This was over 3 weeks ago and it is still ok. If it dries out just add more hair conditioner and it should be ok.

Hopes that helps you.

Cheers Debbie
Coralie 7th Feb 2014 Diversional Therapist
I made the homemade snow and used it at my winter olympics activity morning. The residents liked feeling the snow saying it had been a long time since they had felt any, and a few were glad it wasn't ice cold like real snow.
I was wondering how long I can keep it, does it have a use by date, or do I have to remake it every time I want it?
Heather 14th Jan 2014
I have made this with some of residents for Christmas, I purchased some small plastic Christmas toys and we designed a Christmas scene. our base was a lid from an old hat box. (it looked cool) and all our hands felt wonderfully soft and moisturised after we had finished.