Bird watching is an easy in-room activity! I created a 2-page Publisher document with names and pictures of birds (and other creatures) to look for outside. You can easily adapt to your community by adding your community's name, and birds that are common around your part of the world.

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Melissa 29th Dec 2021 Life Engagement Director
Great idea! I am using this for my independent residents because our winters are so mild and residents love to walk the campus. Gives them something to engaging to do while enjoying their surroundings. I use the pages from Golden Carers to create activity packets for when I am not here to run activities, especially during holidays. Now the residents ask me for them.
Susan 29th Dec 2021 Activity Director
Great Melisa
Thank you for sharing another way to use this activity
Susan 25th Apr 2020 Activity Director
Thank you Stefanie
What a great idea
Robert 24th Apr 2020 Activities Manager
Very cool idea! I am going to edit just a few to fit Illinois birds. Thank you!