Covid-19 Message for Family

Covid-19 Message for Family

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Help resident to write a message to their family then take a picture of them holding said message. Template can then be emailed with picture to family so that they can do the same back.

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Vicky 28th May 2020 Daycentre Asst
thank you for sharing this, a lovely touch.
Susan 2nd May 2020 Activity Director
How nice Tracey
Thanks for sharing this
Tracey 1st May 2020 Activities Co-ordinator
Thank you for this amazing idea. I put a twist on it and sent it via our Whatsapp group to each families. This has added a smile to their day.

I have attached a picture of our most reluctant individual living in our home to show that even the tough nuts to crack will do it.

Keep safe
Jocelyn 14th Apr 2020 Recreation Activities Officer
This was a great success. Residents loved the idea of sending their personal messages to their families and I got lovely feedback from them too. As soon as I receive the family’s message back, I read it to the residents and they were overjoyed, some had tears in their eyes. Thank you so much for this awesome activity.
Sue 2nd Apr 2020 Nurse
Oh my goodness this activity has been an amazing success. We have 89 treasured residents, some low care some high care. We have been taking a picture of each resident, some chose to wear fancy hats while waving or blowing a kiss. I printed them out roughly drivers licence size, then stuck the picture on the message template. The residents then wrote their messages or asked us to write it for them. Once completed, we then scanned them and emailed them to the families and within minutes we had return emails from family absolutely delighted and thankful for them and the benefit for the residents and their families has been huge. Because we are in lockdown due to Covid 19 and for the protection of our residents, they have not been able to receive visits from family.
Thank you so much to you all for this amazing activity.
Marlene 1st Apr 2020 Carer/activities Officer
Easter Cards to family or grandchildren as they are very missed.
Dawn 27th Mar 2020
Love this!! Thank you!
Susan 26th Mar 2020 Activity Director
This is great
Thank you for sharing it and for all you do