Add a positive word to the Gradtitde Jar that starts with first letter of your name,
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This activity fosters gratitude and positivity among residents and staff.

I created a Gratitude Jar Poster and laminated it with a note that said:
Add a positive word that starts with the first letter of your name

A real jar can be used! 

Provide Sharpies, colored pens, and Post-it notes.

Invite residents and staff to stick their positive words onto the Gratitude Jar poster.

I was fascinated as residents and staff came up with so many different words that initiated discussions about showing gratitude and being thankful.

This was a simple yet effective activity that really engaged our residents!

Files included:

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Mason Jar Template

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Nancy 4th Jan 2022 Activity Program Supervisor
Thank you for all the great ideas!
Talita 6th Jan 2022
Thanks for your feedback Nancy!
Susan 16th Nov 2021 Activity Director
Hi Stephanie
Gratulation‘s on your new role
Before I can make any suggestions I need to know what type of residents you are helping
What is your budget??
Here are some ideas for December

There are many other activities on this site But I need a little more information

Stephanie 16th Nov 2021 Activity Director
hello I am new here and new to the activity department. I need some ideas for December
Talita 16th Nov 2021
Welcome Stephanie! Here are December activities to get you started: All the best in your new role!
Amy 4th Oct 2021 Activities Coordinator
Sounds “A-mazing” thank you
Susan 21st Jan 2021 Activity Director
Pam 21st Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hey, I'm new I just join I need some ideals for February 2021
Solange 21st Jan 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Pam, welcome! We hope your stay is enjoyable and long. February is a great month, with awesome celebrations that include World Radio Day, St. Valentine’s Day, World Radio Day, The Oscars, and many more activities.
Karen 23rd Oct 2020 Activity Professional
Great idea for a Gratitude Jar. Its an activity to build Positivity for Residents and Caregivers!
Talita 25th Oct 2020
Thanks for your feedbck Karen!
Susan 19th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Hi Shirley
Thank you for joining this wonderful site
Here are some ideas for November
Here are some ideas for December
If you have some specific type of activities let me know
Shirley 19th Oct 2020 Act Director
hi , I'm New I just join I need some ideas for November, December 2020
thank you
Marilyn 29th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hey, I'm New I just join I need some ideas for October 2020
Talita 23rd Sep 2020
Thank you for this lovely activity Pavanpreet!
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