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Karen 28th Aug 2021 Activity Professional

Coloring for Seniors - Mandala - 02

Hi everyone. Its been awhile since I've touched base with you guys! Hope all is well with everyone. I'm working in a new facility and shared Golden Carers with my new Director! She is now a new member! Thank you for all your wonderful shares and activities. We are still wearing masks and shields! Ugh! Greet each day with an open mind and positivity. Thank God for Activity Professionals. Stay safe!

Be kind to one another.
Karen 20th Jun 2021 Activity Professional

11 Garden Club Activities

Hello. Love gardening. We have a beautiful patio with lots of flowers, pansies, hostas, succulents etc. It’s beautifully landscaped with a small stream. I started a garden club. We planted herbs, dill, rosemary, thyme , basil and oregano, tomato plants. Fun!
Karen 2nd Apr 2021 Activity Professional


Hello to all Activity Professionals. We went back to a full lockdown again. Residents are back into their rooms. So, does anyone have any new activities for residents who are once again having to stay their rooms. Thanking you all in advance.
Karen 3rd Jan 2021 Activity Professional


Hello all. Thank you Solange for your message. After some research, I learned that celebrating Communion by oneself is done. Some religious stores sell Consecrated Hosts as well. Because of Covid the church has loosened up on protocol. A deacon will be bringing the Consecrated host to outside patio and handing the Pyx to the nurse. The nurse will then bring it to the resident who is a deacon. He can give himself communion and his wife. Only because of Covid he is allowed and also a Non-Catholic can carry the Consecrated Host. I agree with being supportive and understanding. Happy New Year!
Karen 31st Dec 2020 Activity Professional


Hello to everyone. I need some help! We remain in lockdown. I have several residents who are Roman Catholics and they have not received the Eucharist since March. They watch Mass on TV and do a spiritual communion. How can I receive the Host to bring my resident ( a retired Deacon) and his wife? No priest or Eucharistic minister can enter the building. Trying to follow Catholic protocol and get the host. Any ideas? I’m Catholic as well. Suggestions? Thanku!
Karen 20th Dec 2020 Activity Professional

End of Year Message 2020

Hello to everyone! What a wonderful website that I found back in September! It has added another dimension to my activity program. I love the enthusiasm of all activity professionals out there , like me, who are navigating through some rough waters and need some help along the way. Golden Carers lift my spirit! We are truly in this TOGETHER no matter where we are.
Blessings to all of you! PEACE ON EARTH!
Karen 7th Dec 2020 Activity Professional


Hello to all! Still in lockdown mode and it has been a challenge to motivate my residents in Personal Care. We are unable to have communal activities at this time. Since becoming a member of Golden Carers , I can say how grateful I am for the wonderful activities that are shared! Residents love doing the puzzles, crafts and trivia. We will be making the Abayomi Dolls soon. What a great project! Thank you. Grace and Peace everyone.
Karen 25th Nov 2020 Activity Professional


Hi Everyone. Not having Christmas decorations because of Covid has me thingking of what to put out. Amy, thanku for bringing up the topic. I went to the garden we have at work and cut sprigs of Rosemary and Thyme. I put them in Ice Blue color Mason Jars n put on my activity tables. Its safe. Has wonderful scents n looks Holiday like. Attach red bows around the jars!

Karen 12th Nov 2020 Activity Professional

Life in Lockdown Poems

Hi everyone. Thank you for sharing the Life in Lockdown Poems. They enjoyed them! One of my residents actually wrote a beautiful, heartfelt and spiritual poem! Very moving!
Karen 9th Nov 2020 Activity Professional

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself a Letter Singalong & Exercise

Hi Everyone. Music activities are the best! I use the song I’m gonna Sit Right Down ..... lots of times! When I play the piano I like to add trivia about the tunes. I give the dates these wonderful songs were written and the writers! Many songs are over 100 years old! Adding exercise to the activity is wonderful!!!! Thanks again