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Karen 12th Nov 2020 Activity Professional

Life in Lockdown Poems

Hi everyone. Thank you for sharing the Life in Lockdown Poems. They enjoyed them! One of my residents actually wrote a beautiful, heartfelt and spiritual poem! Very moving!
Karen 9th Nov 2020 Activity Professional

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself a Letter Singalong & Exercise

Hi Everyone. Music activities are the best! I use the song I’m gonna Sit Right Down ..... lots of times! When I play the piano I like to add trivia about the tunes. I give the dates these wonderful songs were written and the writers! Many songs are over 100 years old! Adding exercise to the activity is wonderful!!!! Thanks again
Karen 1st Nov 2020 Activity Professional

Sleepytime Social

Hello everyone! I really like the Sleepy Time Cart activity! Definitely will be putting on my December calendar. Always looking for new ideas to spark interest and get my residents involved. Thank you again!
Karen 23rd Oct 2020 Activity Professional

Gratitude Jar

Great idea for a Gratitude Jar. Its an activity to build Positivity for Residents and Caregivers!
Karen 19th Oct 2020 Activity Professional

4 Cozy Drink Recipes

Great recipes and just in time for a flavorful afternoon treat! Doing my November calendar and will add this these tasty Autumn beverages! Thank you again!
Karen 19th Oct 2020 Activity Professional

COVID-19: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Hello to all. I’m new to Golden Carers and thankful for many new activity ideas. This Karen is from New Jersey. I work in Pennsylvania. When I logged in before it said Michigan.
Karen 13th Oct 2020 Activity Professional

COVID-19: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Hello to all dedicated Activity Professionals. In my personal self-care program, I practice taking my work ‘one day at a time’, and I add to that flexibility, patience and positive mindset. Not easy some days! Following strict guidelines put in place because of Covid is presenting challenges. Adapting to changes can be frustrating. I am grateful to be of service to my residents, families and co-workers. Never lose hope and faith that we will get through this challenge! Carpe diem
Karen 14th Sep 2020 Activity Professional

Finish The Song Titles

I play piano and accordion. We do Name that Tune some days. I like the fill in the blank activity! Music is the best!!!
Karen 13th Sep 2020 Activity Professional

COVID-19: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Self care is extremely important especially during these days of lockdowns with new rules and regulations in place. Practice self-care daily. Use all the tools we use with our residents: music, art, meditation and prayer. It works.