Using Music With Older Adults During Covid-19

Using Music With Older Adults During Covid-19

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The infographic provides activity suggestions for using music with older adults for the purpose of:  cognitive stimulation, reminiscence, socialization, maintaining / strengthening relationships, exercise, emotional health, and quality of life.

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Gwyneth 26th May 2020 Volunteer
This is a wonderful segment, one I totally I agree with. I have been a volunteer for over 30 years, in all categories, still volunteering, but nearly all my volunteering years I have introduced music to the people I am caring for. learning the piano, at 8 years taught the old way, scales, scales, scales, , but for many many years playing "down memory lane songs, " It works magic, not only for the ones you are looking after but for yourself as well. The thing is with me , an oldie, late 80's I remember all the really old songs, have a collection of wonderful "down memory lane" songs plus all my sheet music for the piano, I am never happier than playing this old time for myself, and lucky enough to be still passing it on to other oldies. Thanks once again for your .segment. Covid 19 music activities
Talita 1st Jun 2020
You are an inspiration Gwyneth! I love playing my piano too.
Talita 6th Apr 2020
Wow Cindie, thank you for sharing! This is an amazing resource x