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Sue 24th Aug 2019 Nurse

Aboriginal Clapping Music Sticks

Hi everyone,
The residents I work with absolutely loved this activity. They happily enjoyed dot painting the sticks in their many patterns, and then playing them. I played the theme song to Crocodile Dundee because there is a Didgeridoo in the background and the residents played their clapping sticks, we had carers and nurses and visitors come to see what was happening when they heard the music and our residents were delighted when they were cheered for their entertainment. The beauty of this was they did not have to play along with the beat they just clapped the sticks at there own pace, and were delighted that it sounded fantastic. We had amazing fun and found that what ever music we played it worked well.
Thank you Golden Carers, without you I don't know how we could possibly give the elderly treasures such a huge range of activities.
Sue 29th Apr 2019 Nurse

Balloon Games

We used fly swatters for this activity, and our residents loved this activity, also they had a great laugh with it as I dressed up as a tennis player in baggy white shorts, white shirt and a sweat band on my forehead and wrists made with bandages, they thought it was great fun, one of them even mimicked a tennis umpire. A very rewarding activity for both the treasures and myself.