Here is an easy version of the popular Family Feud game!
Here is an easy version of the popular Family Feud game!

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Faith 27th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist / Lifestyle Assistant
Dawn 25th Mar 2019 Activities Co-Ordinator
Hi I'm looking to implement playing this game - I just can't seem to find where the survey results are -please can you assist

Many Thanks

Katja 15th Jun 2016 Recreation Activiites Officer
I've bought the game and love the questions on it...however, to make it a bit more real will probably invest in two hotel bells to make it more interesting.
As I have a data projector and screen I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate this within the game...will let you know how I go.
Love all the suggestions above..thanks for the wonderful ideas....
Anne B 6th Mar 2016 activity co ordinator
Hi ,
We play this game its called FAMILY FORTUNES in this part of the world. I made up questions and printed them out in a booklet . Our residents love this game, it gets everyone thinking and coming up with different answers, all answers are correct even if they're not the top 4 answers.
Faith 23rd Jun 2015 Diversional Therapist / Lifestyle Assistant
I played this the other day and it was a hit with residents and staff loved it too! I played it as individuals as our residents don't really work well in the team environment as it's high care but as someone said before the highest scores won a prize I'm now adjusting this game to suit my needs on word.
Danielle 15th Jun 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator
I bought the Bert Newton's version of Family Feud on DVD and i play this with my residents, they love it because its australian based and things they can relate to. I got it on ebay for like $15.
Josephine 12th Jun 2015 Lifestyle Manager
Thanks for the tip Jodie, that is marvellous ! Will get back to you on how it goes.
Jodie 11th Jun 2015 Residential Care
Hi Josephine I just went onto google and typed in "Family Feud Game" and a heap of different options will come up for you to go onto. Write residents names on a whiteboard and keep score and the 3 highest scores at the end of the game receive a small prize eg chocolate, soap or chips. Good luck let me know how you go :)
Josephine 9th Jun 2015 Lifestyle Manager
Hi Jodie, I am as yet to trial this with our residents. Wondering which web site you got onto for the questions and answers. If you could provide the address I would be grateful. :)
Jodie 2nd Jun 2015 Residential Care
Played his with my residents this morning, they loved it so much that I have gone onto google and downloaded another 10,000 questions and answers :)
Taryn 29th May 2015 Activities coordinator
What a great idea! I cant wait to try it with my participants :)
Sandy 26th May 2015 Recreational Activity Officer
Thank you for sharing this idea. I have been wanting to run this without having to buy the board game. :)
Cheers, Sandy