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Katja 27th Sep 2021 Recreation Activiites Officer

Name That Show Visual Quiz

This is great but would be even better if the theme song from the show can be played as well. Makes it come to life.....
Are you able to try and do this?
The only other way is to make a spotify playlist.....
Katja 8th Jul 2020 Recreation Activiites Officer


I'm having a Roaring Twenties Day on Thursday, 30th July. Do you have any activities relating to this? I'm unable to find anything...its a great topic....
Katja 11th Feb 2020 Recreation Activiites Officer


ANy chance of an example I'm a visual person and find that easier...
Katja 27th Dec 2019 Recreation Activiites Officer

Pot Luck Card Game

Where are the jokes/poems etc as in the photo?
Katja 21st Oct 2019 Recreation Activiites Officer

Twister Bean Bag Toss

I played it for the first time today. In the first round they could throw on any circle with the points as per game with 8 bean bags.

In the second game they could double their points by throwing the red bean bag on the red circle. The green bag on the green circle, the red bag on the red circle and the yellow on the yellow circle.

In the third game I taped down a chocolate in the green circle and a chocolate in the yellow circle and then gave them 3 20 cent coins to try and aim for one of the chocolates. If they got the coin on that circle with the chocolate they won it. If the coin got on any other circles I scored that as well and person with highest amount got the prize.

Residents loved the variety of the three games and were very competitive. Thank you also for the music and quiz suggestions will try that next...yeah!!!
Katja 20th Oct 2019 Recreation Activiites Officer

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Price is Right
Katja 15th Oct 2019 Recreation Activiites Officer

The Price is Right - Australian Version

Hi Melissa so you have printed the pictures of each of the items? If so are you able to email it to me otherwise I have to look up each of the items....a bit of double would be soooooo much appreciated. I'm very keen to play it with my residents next week...
Katja 12th Mar 2019 Recreation Activiites Officer

Scarves on Handles - Exercise Activity

Do you have a photo of it or a small video?
Katja 13th Jan 2017 Recreation Activiites Officer

Coin-Tap Chair Dance

Like the idea with the wide elastic and buttons very quick and easy to attach to shoes....good to try with small group though....
Katja 13th Jan 2017 Recreation Activiites Officer

Chair Dancing

I bought two excellent DVDs from SMILE and Sway here in Australia,here are some of her examples . The residents enjoy it. She has two options on it one with the music and just follow or the other one with music and her voice. - Trailer

Below are three clips of three different dances: