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Katja 26th Mar 2019 Recreation Activiites Officer

Jingle Jangle

I still can't find the you have a link as well with all the jingles so we can play them on powerpoint? I love any resource involving powerpoint, its visual and wonderful for residents who are vision impaired. Love it to bits....
Katja 12th Mar 2019 Recreation Activiites Officer

Scarves on Handles - Exercise Activity

Do you have a photo of it or a small video?
Katja 13th Jan 2017 Recreation Activiites Officer

Tap dancing

Like the idea with the wide elastic and buttons very quick and easy to attach to shoes....good to try with small group though....
Katja 13th Jan 2017 Recreation Activiites Officer

Chair Dancing

I bought two excellent DVDs from SMILE and Sway here in Australia,here are some of her examples . The residents enjoy it. She has two options on it one with the music and just follow or the other one with music and her voice. - Trailer

Below are three clips of three different dances:
Katja 13th Jan 2017 Recreation Activiites Officer

Who Am I Game 2

Great one for my slideshow will need to expand it though to perhaps 10 to 15 and incorporate photos and clips from famous actors/actresses
Katja 29th Jun 2016 Recreation Activiites Officer


Oh boy do I have a loooong list of outings here are some examples where I've taken my residents"

Madamme Tussauds
Sydney Aquarium
Art Gallery
Cars Park Museum
Powerhouse Museum
Maritime Museum
Wildlife Zoo

Have a look at this website to get some inspirations.

I also take my residents to Katoomba, Wollongong, Kiama, Bowral.
All depends on mobility of your residents....

Hope this helps, happy to help further as I love organising being a tour guide for the day.

Also ferry from Rydalmere to Circular Quay is great
Ferry to Manly and lunch at a Sailing Club

My facility is in Chester Hill.
Once per month we take residents to Canterbury/Hurlstone for VAriety Concert.
Access is pretty bad at the moment due to construction of new carpark but the value for food and entertainment is brilliant.



Katja 15th Jun 2016 Recreation Activiites Officer

Family Feud Game

I've bought the game and love the questions on it...however, to make it a bit more real will probably invest in two hotel bells to make it more interesting.
As I have a data projector and screen I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate this within the game...will let you know how I go.
Love all the suggestions above..thanks for the wonderful ideas....
Katja 23rd Feb 2015 Recreation Activiites Officer

St Patrick's Day Decorations

We have come up with another quick solution for putting it all together by using a stapler. Works very well.
Katja 3rd Feb 2015 Recreation Activiites Officer


Months ago I found a great website with short stories with lovely pictures as well now I cannot find it....anybody else have any suggestions of a good website. So annoyed with myself.....
Katja 14th Jan 2015 Recreation Activiites Officer


I have recently visited a few aged care facilities where they have the programme on big screens has anybody else have this and is it a special software? If so, have you seen any benefits?