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Jodie 4th Apr 2019 Residential Care


I was wondering if anyone has a list of things we call different names eg joggers/sneakers or water fountain/bubbler. I would love to get a large list for an activity and can't seem to find one. Thanks in advance.
Jodie 8th Jun 2017 Residential Care

Google Search

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Google Search
Jodie 8th Sep 2015 Residential Care

Chick Hatching Program for Seniors

We got ours through Henny Penny Hatchlings. Our residents loved the babies so much I approached my local Social Club to buy us a chicken pen. We ended up with the most beautiful Chicken Pen and kept our chicks, our resdients spend hours everyday outside nursing them and caring for them :)
Jodie 11th Jun 2015 Residential Care

Family Feud Game

Hi Josephine I just went onto google and typed in "Family Feud Game" and a heap of different options will come up for you to go onto. Write residents names on a whiteboard and keep score and the 3 highest scores at the end of the game receive a small prize eg chocolate, soap or chips. Good luck let me know how you go :)
Jodie 2nd Jun 2015 Residential Care

Family Feud Game

Played his with my residents this morning, they loved it so much that I have gone onto google and downloaded another 10,000 questions and answers :)
Jodie 26th May 2015 Residential Care

Words in Words Game

We have played this game for years. To make it more personal I use the full name of residents playing the game. eg Jonathon Micheal Smith
Jodie 13th May 2015 Residential Care

Beach Reminiscing

I absolutely love this sight. I check my emails everyday hoping to see one from here.............. The information and activities are the best, I use them all the time :):):):):)