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Gaylene 8th Aug 2017 Activities Co-ordinator
We use Google alot for answering questions. Countries national anthems where a big hit.
Kim 14th Jun 2017 Activity Officer
We quite often do this and have it during our cooking session while our goodies are baking in the oven. We connect our ipad to the television using a hdmi cable and adaptor making it easy to be seen on the big screen. Our residents enjoy watching "things being made" and take it in turns on having their pick. Using YouTube we just ask the question "how do they make world globes" or "how do they make pantyhose/stockings" etc some other great ones are bone china, childrens toys, hats/milliners, jewellery. We have kept away from watching food items being made. This is a very much enjoyed time and as they all say "you are never to old to learn something new".
Elizabeth 13th Jun 2017 Recreation Activites Officer
Have tried google search usually to bring up the words & music of old songs. Or to google a place my residents come from for reminiscing.
Karen 12th Jun 2017 Manager
We will try this I'm sure it will be very interesting. well done
Jodie 8th Jun 2017 Residential Care
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Google Search