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Gaylene 31st May 2019 Activities Co-ordinator

Chair Exercises

We do the macarena to music and I have printed out the movements.
Loads of laughs.
Gaylene 6th Feb 2019 Activities Co-ordinator


We love to play Qwirkle, Large plastic Snakes and Ladders and Jenga.
Gaylene 21st Aug 2018 Activities Co-ordinator

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

We play and do actions to the Macarena. Hand, palms, shoulders,ears, tummy, hips, wiggle wiggle, clap. They love it. Also march to "When the saints come marching in" and the chicken dance sitting down. Lots of fun.
Gaylene 12th Jul 2018 Activities Co-ordinator

Magazine Collage

Last collage we did was for the residence to cut out the letters of there names and glued them to a large piece of paper (including staff) They love looking at it and finding there names.
Gaylene 15th May 2018 Activities Co-ordinator

Games Around The Room

I recently purchased Quirkle...A real hit.
Also Pictureka. Good thought game of cards.
Gaylene 8th Nov 2017 Activities Co-ordinator

What’s New in Board Games for Seniors

We have a lot of fun with "5 Second Rule" game, without the timer.
Gaylene 26th Oct 2017 Activities Co-ordinator

Recycled Hoy Game

We played this this week and was a great success. I used playing cards to cover the card sheet. We also have trouble with 8 & Ace. I spell Ace and say the number 8.
Oh and made the mistake of printing in black & white first off. Haha.
Gaylene 4th Oct 2017 Activities Co-ordinator

Words in Words Game

Our lastest game using the whiteboard is Going around the room each resident gives me a letter of the alphabet and I write it up on the board. They then have to make a sentence using each letter. Works really well for us.
Gaylene 8th Aug 2017 Activities Co-ordinator

Google Search

We use Google alot for answering questions. Countries national anthems where a big hit.
Gaylene 8th Aug 2017 Activities Co-ordinator


I recently brought the game "5 Second Rule". We have alot of fun with this.