Noodle Soccer

Noodle Soccer

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Suzanne 23rd Nov 2019 Activities Coordinator
Hi. I love this idea.

I was wondering if anyone has some ideas:
when running a group activity, eg a quiz, how to include involve people who have cognitive abilities, and people with dementia. I find this a big challenge. I would love everyone's feed back.
jane 16th Feb 2016 activity provider
What fun we had. I changed the name to hockey and had a goal keeper near the frame.
Everyone loved it and it got extremely competitive. Thank goodness the noodles were
foam, otherwise who knows what would have happened! Thank you very much.
Also like the idea of tennis with balloons. May try that.
Heather 8th Feb 2016 Recreation Activities Officer
Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this game, I played it today with our high care residents using a large exercise ball and the noodles and our residents had a ball. Lots of laughing and residents who do not usually participate in games joined in.
regards Heather
Talita 30th Jan 2016
Hi Jane!

I believe you call them woggles or water logs in the UK!
They are colourful foam cylinder shaped toys for the pool, they can help you stay afloat.

Joanne 27th Jan 2016 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
I have used the noodles cut into 3 for exercising with, mind you there is plenty of space needed
jane 28th Jan 2016 activity provider
Help me please, being a ignoramus what in the world are beach noodles?
Other than that it sounds fun and a game hopefully I can include.

Gaylene 27th Jan 2016 Activities Co-ordinator
Yes we have used x2 ballons for extra fun.
Maureen 26th Jan 2016 activities officier
I have also used the pool noodles for hitting a beach ball around it creates many comments and laughter however the one that gets most reaction is when we put the tables into a square, remove glasses and prepare for beach volley ball without the beach. Those with sight problems get into it as they can make out a shape and or have both hands up in readiness they hit the ball with their hands as hard as they wish and get lots of exercises and hand eye coordination fun.
Deirdre 26th Jan 2016 lifestyle officer
balloon tennis has always worked for me. I use hip hop fast moving music. A sure winner.
I will try the noodle soccer game sounds great fun!....Thank you!

Sharyn 25th Jan 2016 RAO
We have been using a third of a pool noodle and a beach ball and after our chair exercise class we stay in our chairs in a circle and play noodle tennis, you can here the laughter all through the facility so much so that the other residents sometimes come and join in, we also play it in the dementia unit and they love it too.
Deidre 26th Jan 2016 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
I love the suggestion for noodle soccer after chair exercises, I will be using this idea after our next exercise class!
Helen 25th Jan 2016 Diversional Therapist
Another great idea with halved pool noodles is to play "tennis" with a balloon. Great fun with lots of laughter.
Gaylene 20th Jan 2016 Activities Co-ordinator
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