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DT From Queensland, Australia

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Karen 15th Oct 2020 DT

Presidential Election Word Search

Love this site. Everything is so handy and helps keep the residents busy.
Karen 18th Jul 2019 DT

D-Day Word Search

We love the word search. Thanks
Karen 31st Dec 2018 DT

Trivia Tic Tac Toe

This web site has been amazing; so helpful and interesting. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas over the year. All the best for 2019.
Karen 15th Jun 2018 DT


Thanks Lori
Looking for pictures of other demintia wings for ideas.
Karen 7th Jun 2018 DT


We are in the process of painting our Demintia Unit. Is there any special paint colours to use? At the moment the unit is painted pastel colours and looks very dull. We are loooking at painting murals as well. Any ideas would be great. Cheers
Karen 12th Jun 2017 DT

Google Search

We will try this I'm sure it will be very interesting. well done
Karen 2nd Jun 2016 DT

Words in Words Game 4

We use whistles! We can't answer until we blow the whistle, yes it gets very noisy, and sometimes by the time they blow the whistle there is too much laughter to answer the question.
Karen 31st May 2016 DT

Words in Words Game 4

Wow we had a ball doing this puzzle, lots of laughing
Karen 5th Apr 2016 DT

Words Starting with Z Quiz

We will be trying this out on thursday
Karen 25th Feb 2016 DT

South American Word Search

The residents love doing these find a words. We end up helping each other and have a wonderful time