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Elizabeth 23rd Aug 2018 Recreation Activites Officer

Nine-Letter Word Puzzles

wondering if you could post some more secret word games my residents enjoyed them so much. Thank you.
Elizabeth 13th Jun 2017 Recreation Activites Officer

Google Search

Have tried google search usually to bring up the words & music of old songs. Or to google a place my residents come from for reminiscing.
Elizabeth 31st Jan 2017 Recreation Activites Officer

How to Conduct a Reminiscing Session

Some fantastic reminiscing idea's, thank you!
Elizabeth 4th Nov 2016 Recreation Activites Officer

Name The Hollywood Actors

Thank you for all the quiz matching they are great as a group activity or for them to do on their own in the spare time.
Elizabeth 28th Sep 2016 Recreation Activites Officer


I do an activity as often as I can get away to buy the differnt products, I buy foods that are packaged from around the world. This week we had" Tasting Day" from England, Scotland, Belgium & Holland. My residents really enjoy this, you can google the different foods or places & talk about them while tasting the foods.Some may remember their Mum's or Nan's making these when they were children.
Elizabeth 22nd Sep 2016 Recreation Activites Officer

Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks

Thank you for the idea i am definintely doing the old actors 1 & a royals 1tostart with to see how they go with my residents